Friday, 21 November 2014

Cloth Jargon

When I started Cloth Diapering, I was extremely baffled by all the terms and abbreviations used so I decided to put something together to help others; you can also join South African Cloth nappy users group on facebook for any help needed:

Nappy Types

AI2: AI2 stands for All-in-Twos.

AIO: AIO stands for All-in-Ones.

Contoured: These nappies are similar to pre-folds and flats, except they are contoured to fit baby usually with an elastic leg casing.

Nappy Cover: A nappy cover is usually made of some sort of plastic, vinyl or waterproof polyester material and is needed with pre-fold, flat, and fitted nappies to keep wetness contained.

Fitted: A fitted nappy is usually a cotton, or other natural fibre like hemp or bamboo nappy that fits baby snugly and is tailored or contoured to baby’s bottom, a diaper cover is needed to contain wetness. Fitted diapers are great for heavy wetters and/or nights and naps since they are absorbent all over the nappy.

Flat: Similar to pre-folds, flats are flat pieces of cloth but they don’t have the thicker middle layer. Flats are one of the most budget friendly cloth nappy option.

Minkee/Minky: A synthetic material becoming more popular in the CDing community. Minkee can refer to the super soft feel of the outside of nappies.

One-Size: One-size is a very common term in CD. It means the nappy can be adjusted to fit a variety of babies’ shapes and sizes– i.e. a one-size-fits-all nappy

Pocket: Pocket-style nappies have a pocket opening between the outer shell layer and the inner layer that touches baby’s skin. Inside the pocket opening you can stuff absorbent materials or inserts.

Pre-fold: Pre-fold nappies are rectangular pieces of cloth that have a thicker middle layer. They are called pre-folds because the extra padding in the middle is already “folded” or connected to the diaper.

Sized Nappies: Sized nappies have the ability to fit babies slightly better but will need to be replaced with larger sizes as your baby grows.


CD: CD stands for Cloth Diapers.

Aplix: Aplix is similar to a Velcro closure, but it is often said to be softer and more durable.

Fluff: Refers to cloth nappies and anything cloth related.

Hook & Loop: Hook and loop is the generic way of saying Velcro.

Lanolin/Lanolized: Lanolin is a natural wax-like material that is excreted from the sheep when wool is harvested. Lanolin is a natural waterproofing material, it can also be used to make wool soakers (or longies/shorties) water proof so they can be used as nappy covers.

WAHM: Work at home mom

PUL: PUL stands for polyurethane laminate – it’s a water proof material used to make outer shells of many popular brands of nappies and nappy covers.

Stash: Refers to the cloth nappies you own.

Stripping: Stripping is a way to remove built-up residue from cloth nappies.

Wool: Wool is a natural fibre that is extremely breathable and considered bullet-proof by many, it is commonly used for nights, naps, and for heavy wetter’s

Wool needs to be lanolized in order for it to have that superior water proof characteristics.


Nappy Sprayer: A nappy sprayer easily attaches to most toilets and allows you to “spray” and rinse your dirty nappies over your toilet.

Insert: An insert is a rectangular-shaped cloth that is inserted into the pocket opening of a pocket-style cloth nappy. An insert can be made of a variety of materials, including micro- fibre, hemp, bamboo and cotton.

Doubler: A doubler is another liner that can be added to the nappy and that can “double” the absorbency of the nappy. You can place it in any style nappy to add more absorbency.

Diaper Pail: A pail/ laundry basket in which you throw dirty nappies until wash, it should preferably be open as to allow air to flow alleviating the smell.

Reusable Wipes: Usually made of small cuts of micro-fibre, hemp, bamboo, or flannel cloth. Moms wet the wipes, wipe baby and then wash the wipes along with their nappy loads.

Snappi: A fastener that can easily fasten a pre-fold or flat nappy without the use of pins.

Soaker: The term soaker is used to describe the middle, absorbent layer of a nappy.

Wet Bag: A wet bag is a reusable bag that usually has a zippered top and is made from PUL. You can put a soiled nappy in the bag and carry it around with you. Wet bags are great for day trips or day care settings.

Abbreviations for Brands:
• AC: AppleCheeks
• BB: Best Bottoms
• BK: BabyKicks
• Sbish: Sustainablebabyish/Sloomb
BG: Bum Genius
• FB- Fuzzi Buns
• PD- Poopsy Daisy
• HS- Hippi Safari
• TF- Tomfips

Hope this helps xoxo

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