Thursday, 18 September 2014

buying our 1st home!!!!!

A week or two ago a friend of mine posted a status warning people never to buy a home but rather rent forever, having just bought a home with his husband they had a rough road and now we have had a brief taste of what they experienced.
Currently we are renting a 2 bedroom townhouse in a gated security complex from my parents who own the property…. To say we are unhappy there would be an understatement and these are the reasons why:

A- Obviously it has become to small, Loghan and Gabriel share a room which is fine but Jesse will be going into his own bed in the future and we will therefore need another room for him.

B- Our neighbors are ones from the depths of hell seriously- we have one neighbor who complains that our cat harasses her poor cat on a daily basis but when I spoke with her she said oh her cat is trying to make friends with our cat, a few days later she complained again….. sigh, our other neighbor to our left has two dogs that do nothing but bark ALL day long and scare the living daylights out of an y child that goes past, she also has a habit of banging on walls because our kids make a noise only problem I have with that is that she bangs on the walls when the kids are not home????? Then across from us we have a young couple without kids who love to complain about the boys making noise seriously I cannot even let them play in the garden or let them talk on the way to the car in the morning, I don’t have an issue with the lady in the middle across from us she pretty much keeps to herself and the lady on the end is an absolute sweetheart loves our animals and our kids, but the constant complaints and nonsense we have to deal with has just become to much.

So we decided it was time to start looking for our forever home and as luck would have it we found it- a 3 bedroom detached townhouse in a quiet crescent with neighbors that actually have kids, close to my parents actually a block away so we can walk- a park across the way with a garage that has been converted so it is technically a 4 bedroom home and it’s at a price we can afford, so of course against ,my better judgment I left my heart there and we signed an offer to purchase and that’s when it went downhill.

The paperwork firstly is an absolute mission holy moly, then we got an unexpected surprise which I won’t go into but basically it meant that we did not qualify for the bond on pour own so we had to reapply with my parents who I am so grateful for and now we wait the banks take forever and our offer to purchase expires tomorrow so we are clinging to every little last piece of hope we have because if this falls through I will be utterly heartbroken!!!!
Besides that all happening my ex got married last weekend so the boys gained a stepmother been a bit of a rough start because of a few things that they now want to impose on the kids I won’t get into that either but it made me as angry as hell- do not anger a momma bear I tell you I do not appreciate my kids being forced to do something that they are not comfortable with just because it suits someone else!!!!

Then yesterday I get a call from my gyneas offices to say that my gynea cannot do my surgery…. Because she is 33 weeks pregnant and giving birth in the next week….. wait a minute hold the phone where has she hidden the baby I saw her a few weeks ago and she was flat as a pancake lol. I am very happy for her being newly married I’m sure she has wanted this for a long time- it must be difficult being in a practice where you get to deliver babies every day but don’t have one of your own.

So I was given two options to either wait until she comes back next year or to go with another gynea.

I am extremely difficult when it comes to my gynea I have said this before she is the most amazing doctor and the only one up until now that I have trusted to go near me- I do go to male gyneas and the other female gyneas at the hospital by us do not have good reputations, my friend very nearly lost her life and her babies in child birth due to the negligence of one of them so that is a no go.

However there is one male doctor I was forced to go to last year for my dnc when my gynea was away he is her locum and amazing, he is her gynea as well which really put me at ease so after everything it looks like he will be preforming my surgery on October 2nd, I do not want to wait till my gynea returns I don’t think it’s fair to say she will be back a certain date etc and I don’t want to put it off again so there we go.

I will be at home for at least 4 weeks which I am thoroughly looking forward to, I have already told my hubby to stock up on the series I enjoy and I plan to veg on the couch for as much as I can…. That is with 3 kids =)

Just a side note that cloth diapering with my youngest is going amazingly well I am thoroughly enjoying it and Jesse has not had any reactions or rashes since we changed over which confirms that the disposables were the issue- Please do not get me wrong I am not against disposables I think every parent needs to make the best decision for themselves and their baby, I have used disposables with 2/3 of my boys without any issues so it is not that it was purely because Jesse was constantly getting rashes we could not get rid of and he was suffering terribly so this has truly been the best for him and I am loving it even with the poop nappies and extra washing which actually isn’t that much more.

Loghan is doing incredibly well at school his new teacher is an absolute gem and he loves her to bits so it has been a big help- we were also able to lesson the dose of his concerta which I mentioned before and that is also going well so all in all we are very happy with his progress and he is also so much happier =)

On another not Jesse is 1 next week, I cannot believe it and am so emotional about it, I just cannot believe it has almost been a year since he came into our lives- we are not planning on having anything big,but I have organized a cake smash/ family photo session and we will be going out to lunch as a family on the Saturday afternoon so I am looking forward to that.

Cross fingers for us that we get our bond xxxx

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