Monday, 4 August 2014

Teething, growing pains and one tired momma

Gooooooooood morning, from an extremely tired mom today.

Sjoe all I can say is teething is no joke this time around the whole of last week Jess was miserable as sin, the teacher couldn’t put him down we were up alllllllll night, thank the Gods my hubby is on leave so we could take turns, it really was so bad, then on Saturday we check and he doesn’t have just 1 tooth out but two and a third on the way poor monkey we felt so terrible for him and we are using everything to help him with the pain but it is still so painful for him cannot wait for it to be over.

Moving on to Loghan as I said last week we needed to take him to the psychiatrist as per the pead and psychologists instructions we did- his father and I both went which is great hats off to my ex in that department he will always try and be there if his work allows, so we went.

My first impression was great and overall I am very happy we were able to see Dr Ziervogel, he was very friendly and Loghan was very comfortable with him- he had already read all the reports given to him by the pead, he asked us for a full medical and family history, he spoke to us about our concerns and about what we felt, he then spoke to Loghan alone for 10 minutes and then us again.

Long story short he said that in his opinion even though depression runs on both sides of our family he does not think that Loghan is clinically depressed and yes it can happen in children as well, he does also not think that there is a need to do another scan as of yet.

In his opinion he feels that Loghan has developed a fight or flight reaction to everything this is a result of constant negative attention and rejection from his schools peers etc, that he feels that the world is against him all the time and he needs to fight everything as a result thereof, in his opinion if we are able to get Loghan to feel better about himself as well as those around him things will go a lot better, and I can definatly see where he is coming from we have spoken about this issue so many time with how many doctors- if I was told constantly that I was misbehaving or to sit still stop doing this or that I would also feel like I am just a bad kid who no one wants to be around- so his solution was a mood enhancer…. We were not very happy about adding another medication to Loghan’s list but we really are at a standstill point- so he is now on that it is supposed to enhance his mood so that he feels more confident etc about himself, Dr Ziervogal feels very strongly that once this starts working after a week or so and once he starts feeling better about himself and others that he won’t be so quick to react to everything or to fight everything and that we may even be able to reduce his other medications which is great I cannot explain how happy this made us, I suppose it works in the same line as an anti-depressant but it isn’t it is supposed to enhance the endorphins or chemicals in Loghan’s brain that he is suppressing at the moment, and give more energy but in a good way lol when he said that I was like more energy really but hey he is the doctor and of course we want Loghan to be his happy energetic self like he is at home but energy in the class is his problem- but Dr Ziervogal says it is not that type of energy it’s more like a increase in confidence .

So we left feeling good and positive and now we just have to wait and see- Loghan’s psychologist also did a school visit last week and recorded his class behaviour when I spoke to him the next day he said that Loghan is extremely busy that he really struggles to sit still or in one place for more than a minute or so which is concerning his medication is supposed to help with that but we will give him time with the new medication and hopefully we will see results- we are due back at the psychiatrist at month end so we will see how it goes.

I cannot explain how horrible it is, I often feel like Loghan is being treated like a guinea pig as no child reacts the same to medication which means it is a constant experimentation with his meds to see what will work or not, will this work in conjunction with that will his natural meds work with the chemical meds.
I am so grateful that Loghan is great with his medication he takes them well and is always quick to remind us that he needs to take them on time etc. it is a very mature thing that he has to undergo everyday – children should not have to worry about meds and such a strict routine and diet it’s just not fair but I can only hope that it will make Loghan stronger as a person and that it will help him reach his full potential in the future.

Ending off my thoughts for today it is my anniversary YAY- 2 years ago I married the most amazing man he is just the most amazing Partner, Friend, Father and Step Father, I couldn’t be happier- I said to him this morning I cannot believe you have put up with me for so long and his reply was no I cannot believe you have put up with me lol- we have known each other for 12 years almost half my life- here is to the rest our lives together my love may they be just as crazy and amazing!!!!

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