Monday, 18 August 2014

random updates

Another crazy week begins....

Its been a really bitter sweet week for me- Loghan was made class captain last week and according to the school and his new teacher is doing so well on his new medication which is just so great I could just cry with happiness, Loghan is also happier these days which is really great to see he seems more confident and is making a few friends again which just warms my heart!

Gabriel has decided that since Loghan is doing so well it is now his turn to grab some of the attention and wham overnight he has become a little terror of note throwing tantrums that would empress even the biggest spoilt brat but I suppose its all part and par of his age and being the middle monkey it is however difficult to give them positive attention when they are acting out so badly when Jesse was born he also became very clingy and possessive of my attention and affection so we try to give him extra love whenever we can hopefully this is a phase that he will soon grow out of....

Jess is ill with a virus we thought it was just his teeth but yesterday he started throwing up everything he was taking in and at 4am this morning we did an ER run, he is home with daddy today lucky him and I came to work at 9am this morning after 1 hour of sleep and a quick shower.... as usual we are told well you have him in creche what do you expect.... sigh... aside from that he is also teething with tooth no 6 and 7 almost out which means he is once again sleeping even less and is just miserable in general poor monkey its so unlike him even the nurses remarked on what a well behaved and happy baby he is despite him screaming through the giving of the rehydrate solution because he was so tired.

Finally I had to rush to the doctor last week I was in so much pain on my right side we thought we may be experiencing an ectopic pregnancy- I took a test and forgot about it checked it 20 minutes later oops and there was a 2nd pink line.... shit.... not possible so I took another 2 tests including a clear blue both were negative so I put it down to an evaporation line but when I showed my gynea she run another test and we did a sonar......

no I am not pregnant sjoe so I was right my doctor did however find evidence of a burst cyst outside of my uterus .... sigh and apparently if we wer not 'fixed' we would definantly be pregnant because I have so many healthy eggs in my ovaries I actually got the shock of my life because she put the ultrasound probe on and all I saw was what looked like my uterus with like 8 eggs inside I was like holy cow no no no!!!!! Thankfully it was an ovary and not my uterus, huge sigh of relief so all is fine otherwise but I am still going for my hysterectomy in October I am living in constant pain and I will not be able to carry anymore children so might as well get rid of the problem... and I get a tummy tuck at the same time which I am so over the moon for because through everything even at my smallest I have always had a pouch and more so after having kids so I cannot wait to get rid of it and have a flat tummy!!! I really don't advocate plastic surgery unless it is necessary but I cannot explain how happy I am to be doing this as a mom I think we often loss our self confidence or come to dislike our bodies Im ok with my body pretty much but this is one thing that has always bother me so I am really happy.

I am quite sad that we will never get to have another baby there are times where I regret the decision that we made but its all over and done now and hubby and I decided that if it still what we want in the future and we can afford it without compromising the wel being of our other monkeys then we will either look for a surrogate or adopt either way we are happy- I have always loved the idea of adoption and there are so many babies and children in South Africa that are abandoned and in need of a loving home but we will see what the future holds for that only time will tell.

For now I am just so blessed to have my 3 gorgeous monkeys who bring such joy and adventure to my life!

Oh and we are still cloth diapering I ma loving it but I have to say it does become addictive they should make a cloth diapering anonomys lol but I really love it and Jesse is so much happier if we put a disposable on him he actually pulls at it and gets quite cross with us which just shows how much more comfortable he is in it and hubby also loves it- I am actually in the process of having 2 diapers made one with a star wars print to please hubby and one with a nightmare before Christmas print for me yay then I think our stash will be complete for a while..... I hope.... I did say it was addictive!

Wanting to do a post or two on some topics unrelated to my life when I get a chance I really enjoy free writing and there are also so many topis that tug at my heart which I am dying to write about hopefully that will be soon!

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