Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Random babbling for the day

This week has been somewhat hectic, emotional and crazy.

Loghan started school again on Monday 2 terms down two to go, it wasn't the greatest start and I ended up with a phone call from the school principal basically yelling in my ear which is terrible considering she is usually such a soft spoken person, at the end of it all I felt so small and embarrassed like I was the one who had done something wrong etc, quite frankly I was a bit irritated as well I can understand the frustrations of the teachers believe me I understand Loghan is my child and I live with him lol but we knew that Monday was going to be hectic....

1st off he had been home for 3 weeks on holiday completely out a school routine which for an adhd child is already hectic, second his teacher moved on at the end of last term to a teaching post in Dubai so that was a really big change, it was unexpected and last minute and Loghan was seriously beside himself so we didn't think it would be perfect but I didn't expect it to go as bad as it did either.... it was bad I wont go into detail... but it was a bad day.

So I was very upset after that phone call because the principal basically said that they are on their last legs of patience, then add in that my boss was in a rather crap mood and asked me to do something stupidly frivolous and I ended up in tears.... I felt so stupid but I think its just been a really hectic few weeks, in any case once I had contained my emotional state I called the creche and had a chat with Loghan with his birthday coming up I had no other option but to threaten to cancel his party which honestly made me feel like a really terrible mom but I did not know what else to do, it must have struck a cord because yesterday he came home with a note of excellence in his book as well as 5 stickers.... sjoe sigh of relief from my corner.

As I mentioned Loghan's birthday is coming up, on Friday to be precise, I cannot explain how I feel about this I simply cannot believe that my 2.5kg miracle baby is going to be 7 years old, he is growing so fast before my eyes it feels like tomorrow he will be 18 it just gos by so quickly!!!

So on Saturday I took him to get his presents we decided to let him choose this year, bearing in mind that we had already purchased a psp for him which he has been asking for since Christmas last year we couldn't afford it last year but managed to get a really great deal now so we decided to get it and put it away for his birthday. So we are on our way to the school last week backtrack a few days and I ask him so my boy what do you want for your birthday so he says um a psp, now I cannot say that we have bought one already so i said I am sorry my boy but we cant afford it, he was a bit sad but said ok, I hate lying but I cannot wait to see his face on Saturday when he opens his gift!!!!

So back to Saturday we are on our way to the toy shop and he is of course so excited now I had a budget amount in mind of what I was wanting to spend so I told him baby please you need to make sure to get things that you really want because we cant spend to much etc etc, we get to the toy store and he was literally bouncing off the wall I think if he could have taken everything home he would have, needless to say we walked out having spent nearly double what I planned on spending but with a very happy monkey.

I have to say that I was disgusted by the price of children's toys seriously you cannot get a decent toy for under R200 was not impressed but anyway.

Loghan is at his dad for the week so I will be fetching him and his brother Thursday evening through to Friday morning, I am baking chocolate cupcakes with Oreo vanilla icing and teenage mutant ninja turtle faces on them for him and his school friends he is just so excited and then Saturday we will be having a small party organized by his dad at his grannies house, which is probably going to be extremely awkward for me as this is the first time I am attending an event with my exes family and friends.... sigh... his family is no problem his friends ya lets just say we didn't really get along in the 1st place but in any case I will obviously be going and my family as well as much as they don't want to for the same reasons but I am sure Loghan will have a great day!

This week has also been exciting as I am waiting to receive what is termed as cloth mail.... we have decided to cloth diaper Jesse as the chemicals in the disposables are just not gelling well with Jesse's tush, I have to say that I wish I had done this sooner, cloth diapering is so cost efficient and so gorgeous it is nothing like the cloth diapers of yesteryear so much easier and just too gorgeous for words, its actually pretty addictive as well all the options and all so cute I have to stop myself from buying more, so ya I know pretty sad to be excited over cloth diapers arriving in the mail but ya such is the life of a mom lol anything that arrives for my kids is exciting!!!

We have also subscribed to what is called a Jippee box which involves a monthly subscription fee of three options, the option we chose means that every 3 months we will receive a box of 6 educational toys for Jess aimed at his age and gender, its really good quality brands of toys and we are really looking forward to receiving our 1st box.

So ya that's all for today's ramblings I will probably do a review on the Jippee box as well as an update on how the cloth diapering is going and Loghan's birthday.

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