Wednesday, 1 August 2018

OC- Gap

August… can we just take a moment and awe at the fact that we have reached August I cannot even fathom where the time has gone.

So we have reached woman’s month and today I would like to have a chat about something that is a bit different for me considering I don’t actually need to worry about these things anymore; oral contraceptives and more specifically what they do to our bodies and what we as woman can do to counteract these issues. 

I know what you’re thinking and no I am not being paid to do this post, I was however sent a bit of information and after reading up a bit online for myself and taking in my own personal experience and how many woman make use of Oc’s I decided that it was something I feel my readers would benefit from.  That aside as a woman your body, your mind and everything that goes with it is something to be cherished and looked after and if this information helps anyone even just one person then that to me is worth the post.

I remember the first time I was ever on a bc pill it was Odette I believe and I remember how when I got them I removed the packaging and proceeded to read down the long list of side effects associated with the pill I was about to put into my body, the list is long even suicide was listed although to be fair when testing a product if one person in the group develops a side effect no matter how strange it has to be listed even if it cannot actually be directly linked to the use of the product in question.

Now I am not in any way saying that birth control should not be taken or is a bad and terrible thing, the freedom and peace of mind it has allowed us as woman to have, the choice to decide when and if we actually went to fall pregnant it’s a huge thing before the pill came along were woman were never afforded that choice and had to rely on natural timing of their cycles which I’ve tried guys it isn’t easy if your cycle doesn’t work like clockwork, and to be fair again all medications have side effects it may not affect you specifically and it may not even affect you immediately if it does but there you go.

The problem I do have is that those side effects, things like nausea, headaches, mood changes and irregular cycles or more painful cycles can heavily affect you as a person and lead to ailments such as depression, diabetes, arterial diseases and in some cases may even aid as a trigger for cancer.

Studies have also shown that woman who take oral contraceptives have lower levels of B6, B12, folic acid and Zinc and so when I was sent information surrounding a new product called OC Gap I knew it was something I wanted to share even though I personally no longer need to rely on oral contraceptives, I did for many years in fact I tried a fair number and as someone who struggled and struggles with depression and in the past weight gain and vitamin/mineral deficiencies I know how much it can affect you and just how much something as simple as a supplement can help to balance out some of the more easily fixable issues that oc’s can cause.

So in short OC-Gap is a product supplement that provides woman with the B6, B12, folic acid and Zinc which studies have shown we lose when taking these pills and which are very much needed on a daily basis, all of this goodness has been packaged into one easy to take capsule.

I did a bit of research and it seems you can pick this product up at most beauty stores with pharmaceutical aids I did see both Click’s and Dischem while searching and at 92.95 for 30 capsules I really don’t think its bad at all considering the price of most vitamin supplements I am on 3 and the cost is shameful.

There are also many food sources that you can derive these vitamins from as well which is always great to know but as a mom I know that I am personally not always able to ensure that my diet is on par to make sure I get in what I need and from past experience supplements are a great help in this regard.

For more information I found the Adcock Ingram Gap page quite helpful in terms of their full range

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