Monday, 5 February 2018

Sleeping Beauties- Stephen King- Book Review

I may be wrong but I believe that this is my first book review I have done for my blog which now that I think about it is just really sad considering I absolutely adore books and love nothing better than curling up on the couch with a cuppa and a good book or putting my feet up during lunch in order to get through a few chapters.

Growing up I fondly remember that every Saturday my father would drop me off at 9am outside the library and he would return half an hour later to find me stumbling out of the library with a pile of books (I would use all of our family cards), I would then lock myself up in my room for the rest of the afternoon and lose myself in Nancy drew and goosebumps novels coming out of my ears, as I grew older my tastes changed and I become fascinated with auto biographies, biographies, history books and true crime, all of which I still adore, and yet it is sadly not often that I am able to purchase a new book or receive one, I used to work for Exclusive Books, bargain books and books galore, those were the days then buying books was a dream but sadly books have become very expensive (not that they aren't worth every penny, but it does make it somewhat more difficult when you have to choose between food on the table and your latest book fix.

Anyhoo back to the book, I was lucky enough to receive this one from my mum for xmas and when I saw the cover I just about died from delight, not only is the cover art gorgeous but Stephen King is one of my all time favourite authors and to boot this book is written in conjunction with his son so I was very interested to see how their writing styles would very and play out together.

So when you think Stephen King you either picture horror or sci-fi or both I am personally not a fan of sci-fi but I adore kings writing style and his books make you feel like anything he has written could actually happen in real life which just adds to the madness so to speak he is also really clever by bringing in socio economical and political metaphors and stereotypes, absolutely amazing.

So the story plays out in the town of Dooling where a mysterious woman rolls on into town coinciding with the sleeping sickness Aurora, think sleeping beauty, the sickness only attacks the woman of the world enveloping them in soft wisping cocoons sending them into a deep sleep, if the woman are woken from their slumber they become violent and murderous before cocooning again.

The men of Dooling are in a tailspin and the local sheriff follows the trail of a mystic fox finding a tree that acts as a doorway between the Dooling of reality and the one where the woman of Dooling now reside.

I really dont want to give more away so I will stop there.

It is an incredible plot and the writing style is so Stephen King and yet different in a way but I am completely taken and intend on seeking out more of Owen kings books in the future.

I highly recommend this as a must read especially if you are drawn to sci fi or horror or both or even if you are just looking for a good read, as with many of Stephen King later novels the book could keep your door open in a wind storm but I don't feel it would have been at all better off if he had cut out or cut down on anything included in the novel.

The book retails at R290 at most book stores (paper back) and again I highly recommend a read even if you check it out from the local library!

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