Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Vaccinations- have my views changed?

This is a question and a discussion I have had a few times now since Loghan’s diagnosis and I can understand where it is coming from because I do know quite a few moms who have changed their stance or view on vaccinations since they received an AS diagnosis from their child’s doctor.

My answer is no, my opinions and stance on vaccinations has not changed I am still very much pro vaccine and all 3 of my kids are fully vaccinated with the exception of my youngest who will get his 6 year booster when he is 6.

Yes I have done the research 

Yes I have watched the film VAXED

Yes I am very much aware of what goes into vaccines 

I have more than one friend who is anti-vax and I have a very dear friend who became anti-vax when her eldest child reacted very badly to several of them who has gone the natural route of vaccines, I have no issue with her choice I believe she made the right decision medically and one of the reasons I chose to vaccinate other than protecting my own children was to help protect those (children, pregnant woman and the elderly) who either couldn’t for medical reasons or are more susceptible to the illnesses you vaccinate against.

Yes Loghan's symptoms became more noticeable when he reached his 15th- 18th month, however as I have stated time and time again I suspected that something was different from very early on as well as Loghan only started crèche at 15 months and up until then had very little interaction with other babies or children as we had a nanny and I was young so no one I knew had children let alone children his age, this time frame is also usually when children start verbalising themselves more and start interacting better and more with the children around them and therefore issues/ symptoms usually become more noticeable to those around them at this stage.

I was also told in NICU by the NICU pead that Loghan had an increased risk of adhd and other learning disorders or behavioural disorders due to him being prem.

Someone asked me if they came out with verifiable proof not fabricated or doctored studies put forward by a fraudulent doctor who bribed kiddies at a birthday party for their blood without parental consent and then lied about their medical history and patented a vaccine at the same time (the very vaccine he was saying caused autism) would I still vaccinate and my answer is yes I would.

I know some people would find this shocking but I have seen what Polio can do within family members and friends relatives, mumps measles and German measles can lead to birth defects and deafness in unborn babies or young children and there have been many deaths as well, my child is on the spectrum granted the high end of the spectrum but my bosses son was born with CP and a client of ours child has ds, I have also had wonderful opportunities meeting and interacting with autistic children or special needs over the years, every single one of them is a joy and a blessing with so much love to give….

In my personal opinion even if they do ever come out with substantial proof I will still vaccinate because I would rather have a special needs child than a dead one!!!!

Roald Dahl’s own 7 year old daughter died from encephalitis which is swelling on the brain caused in this case by measles but also by meningitis, I have a colleague who suffered with an adult case of encephalitis and what she has told me it is not something I would wish on my worst enemy, nor is the many many surgeries and issues I have seen a family member endure due to Polio contracted as a child.

My kids have all had chicken pox, this is not a deadly illness, my eldest and second son both got it incredibly mildly you could hardly tell, I myself have never had any of the illnesses I was vaccinated for not chicken pox nothing.  I was not able to get the vaccine with my youngest and he wound up with a case so bad we almost ended up in hospital as he wouldn’t eat or drink anything he would just lie on me and cry it was terrible and seeing my child in pain when it could have been avoided made me so angry, My second son got rota virus before the vaccine became available, imagine walking into your child’s room and there is poop everywhere all over them, their bed, their walls, and they are just lying there crying and confused unaware of why they cannot control their own bodily functions, having to be hospitalized again not wanting or able to keep anything down and his according to the doctor was a milder case, at the time the ward was full of these kids, it is a decision I stand by!

* This is my personal view*

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