Monday, 24 October 2016


Guys I’m not even going to start this post off with an apology because quite honestly you will most probably see many more over the next while.

I have a problem, this problem is a part of my personality and a very annoying one in that I tend to fixate on things and can get just a teeny tiny bit obsessed… ok a lot obsessed with something at any given time, these fixations can last for a few days, months… years but lately since we have established a diagnosis point and changed our living arrangements my latest fixation is well my kids.

Yes yes my kids are always a fixation in my life but right now it’s about establishing routines and schedules in order to make life easier for everyone in the household, we have 5 people living in our not too big duplex and things as small and silly as bath time or tv schedules can sometimes upset the entire apple cart on any given day.

Aside from that I have been reading articles, magazines, books and blogs anything and everything on home schooling, ASD, Aspergers, ADHD, anxiety, therapies and methods, sensory boards and kits and I think I am driving my family a bit moggy because when I say fixated I mean FIXATED and I know it can get a bit much but now that I know we are moving in a good direction I just want to help in every way that I can and I feel that the more I come to understand the way Loghan ticks and the more I understand why he behaves in certain ways the more I understand him and can help.

This weekend I started a pet project by building a sensory space for Loghan in his room, I repaired and set up a pop up tent I added a heavy crocheted blanket, pillows, teddies and a flash light, I plan on adding an mp3 player and block out headphones as well as stress toys etc, I also took our black out curtains and put them up in his room to block out outside light and interference and Loghan is just so over the moon so I think it is going to help create a space for him to calm down in or zone out in when things become too much for him or even if he gets angry and needs a place to calm down which he is currently doing so well with.

I have high hopes guys I really feel like we are on the right path and getting somewhere the ‘home schooling’ factor is a bit daunting because there are so many people who are against it in our community which is just wrong and if those people had any idea how difficult it is for some of these kids to get an education sometimes they would not be such a holes, I understand why some people may think home schooling is not the best solution and I agree that it isn’t for every child but every child is different and everyone needs to do what is best for their child, it is as if people are scared of the home schooling community like it is a cult that will consume and corrupt mainstream children and ruin society… I’m not even joking some people really are that against it but it has worked and continues to work for so many children and families and I really am looking forward to seeing how this journey goes.

Other than that I go in to find out my wisdom surgery date tomorrow… EEP wish me luck

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