Monday, 17 October 2016

Im still here...

Hey everyone

This is just a quick pop in to let everyone know Im still here, alive and kicking.

Not only have I been completely man down with some sort of virus I just cannot kick but I also had to make a terrifying trip to a dentist last week, guys I was in tears seriously the thought of a dentist absolutely terrifies me and I was so sure the experience would be terrible and they were going to tell me my wisdom's needed to come out in the dental chair, I wasn't having that I will tell you.... however I was mistaken, the dentist who saw me was great as was his assistant they spoke in calm hushed tones, they reassured me without making me feel stupid and really made me feel comfortable, I am also delighted to report that even though all 4 of my wisdom's have to come out it will be done in hospital and I will be out for the count, which alleviated my anxiety so much as long as I am out go ahead just don't touch my teeth and face whilst I am awake... no sir.

Another crazy thing is that I now have my kids full time, I will not get into the reasoning or what happened but I will tell you that I gained an incredible amount of respect for my ex yesterday, I know it was an incredibly difficult decision that wasn't made easily but knowing he made this decision for his children I really saw a side of him I have not seen since we started dating and I really cannot thank him enough for this decision, for all the shit I have had with my ex over the years he loves his children I can never deny that.

I hope to be back on blogging track soon guys, I hope you have an amazing Monday and week if I don't pop in by the end of it.

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