Wednesday, 24 August 2016

school drop off

Anyone who drops their kids at school or collect them in the afternoons will most probably share in the knowledge and frustration that is the school drop off system, usually there is not enough parking, lots of congestion etc etc... however for the most part I must say with my kids school they have done a really good job of making this system as easy as possible for parents, with teachers guiding the crossings every morning, new parking being g implemented an extra traffic circle was requested, slotted leaving times for each grade etc and for the most part I myself have figured when the most manic times are and I work around those so that most of them I do not have to drive around to get a parking space, I don't know about other parents but I do not like to drop and go, I prefer to have piece of mind knowing I have physically walked my kids to their class and plus I love the hugs and kisses I get before I leave.

For the most part the parents are all courteous and respectful of each other and the other kids being dropped off, and then you get a person like I did this morning who honked at me for trying to give way to the woman parked ahead of me trying to get onto the road, and I'm not talking one hoot... seriously lady could you not wait one frikken minute, she got the poor woman so into a tizz that I had to drive on because the woman wasn't sure what to do and then she almost took the woman out as she tried to come out after me, boy did I huff and puff and on she drove behind me only to turn into a prestigious private school , it really irked me, and I really couldn't care less if she was late there is no reason to be rude or un- courteous on the road just because you are in a rush it really is incredibly irresponsible and dangerous and just down right rude!

I really felt so bad for that other mom this morning.

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  1. Gosh people can be so rude - and honestly if you are not dropping a kid off, take another route