Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Bon Tierra (Good Earth) Facial and Body Natural Product Line- Review

*Before I start this post I just want to say that this is not a sponsored post, I was not paid to do this post and my opinions and feeling towards the products reflected in this post are my own, I do not do a review if I do not feel that the products are worth anyone's time and hard earned money =)

I have mentioned countless times how almost impossible it is to find an all-natural cruelty free affordable local facial or body product line in South Africa, there are a few but I can count them on one hand.

One would think that with all the wonderful natural  resources we have available to us it would be both easy and affordable but alas that is not the case… so it was to my complete giddiness and elation when I stumbled upon a post on facebook advertising a line that checked all those boxes, I eagerly looked over the list and it was tough deciding what to try out first, everything just sounded so amazing but in the end I had to make a choice and settled quite sadly on only 3 products, 2 soaps one from the men’s line and one from the ladies line and then one of the facial masks.

When I received my box of goodies I couldn’t wait to open it and when I did we were greeted with the most amazing smell, a literal wave of orange and lemon grass, I was drooling I could not wait to test them all out.
Not only were the products displayed beautifully in the box, but the packaging itself was simple and beautiful and the mask even came with its own brush which I didn’t expect at all and was an added bonus particularly given the already affordable price.


I have been using the cream anti-oxidant soap which contains hemp, orange and honeybush for a week now and I am head over heels in love, seriously guys this soap is so amazing, the formula is super creamy and leaves your skin feeling baby soft and the scent is so incredible as well, one thing I also noticed is that it lathers up so well, I have seen many a time on forums and videos that people complain about the lack of lather in a natural product so this was really nice to see.


The other thing I always get nervous about with natural soaps is the product is usually really soft which can sometimes lead to the product going down the literal drain if kept in contact with water for too long a period, but this soap has hardly shrunk so I am going to get a lot of good use out of it which again only adds to its worth in my eyes.

I just want to add that my skin is incredibly sensitive its actually ridiculous I have even reacted to a few natural products in the past so if something works for my skin know that it will be great for sensitive or easily irritated skin.

I have only tried the lemongrass soap once and so has hubby and my only complaint is that it is listed as the men's range, I absolutely adore the smell and lemongrass is so good for your skin so I have already laid claim to it much to hubby’s distaste we will just have to get him another lol

I have used the mask twice now as you can use it once weekly; I chose the brightening mask which contains orange, cocoa and patchouli… I wanted to eat it seriously it smells like orange chocolate, I know many people do not like patchouli scents I am not one of them but for those who don’t the fragrance of the patchouli is very subtle. The tub says that you should get 2-3 uses out of it but I used a generous amount and think there is still enough for another 2 so that is 4 weekly doses for R40!!!  A complete bargain in my opinion.

* Just an after note the brush is actually additional and was sent to me as a gift for being the first Cape Town customer I was not aware of this and am very happy for the extra, the mask is still worth it even without it =)

The mask left my skin feeling so amazing, so soft and glowing, even hubby commented on it, it really was a wonderful experience as I felt like I was at my very own spa and could just relax when the mask dries you can feel it has but it also doesn’t feel terrible or tight like some masks do so I definitely plan on purchasing another mask in the future.

The product range offers shampoos, soaps, masks, facial care and bath salts, I am dying to try the shampoo and bath salts as they sound simply divine.

All the products are lovingly hand made from local ingredients as well, this range really does check off of my boxes and I highly recommend them.

For my Cape Town readers: the Postnet to Postnet system is used which is just R99 for up to 5kg from my Postnet to theirs.

You can hop on over to their website here and their facebook site here, just do it guys you wont regret it!


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