Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Sweet Girl made of sunshine

There is a girl in Gabriel’s grade, we shall call her sunshine because that is what I think of when I see her every morning, always smiling and laughing and she seems to have taken a definite shine to Gabriel, every morning she chases him and tickles him and its really sweet and heart-warming, Gabriel doesn’t have the same social issues as Loghan so for him making friends and plenty of them is easy and he is never short of kids to play with every day.

But this sweet little girl really warmed my heart this morning, you see Gabriel only has one thing that makes him really stand out and has caused him some issue since he started school and that is that he sucks his thumb, he was teased a bit for it when he first started at school and from there it has just become a bit of a hindrance when it comes to girls in particular with the whole germs and cooties story, it hurts sometimes because it is his comfort zone everyone has a coping mechanism and when Gabriel is either tired or overwhelmed that is his way of coping.

So we walk into school this morning and little miss sunshine comes bounding up to him and smiles her sweet smile and then she looked at him and turned to me and said, you know he is really cute when he sucks his thumb… my heart melted, oh you sweet little ray of sunshine you cannot know how much you made my day with those few sweet words.

You see I have always maintained that this is something he will grow out of when he is ready, I did and so have many other people who did the same thing, but many people disagree with me they tell me it is unhealthy, he will need braces he will not make friends or get a girlfriend one day (good grief) but I have always maintained that true hearted people and friends will always see the good of his heart and that is what I saw today, sweet girl you truly made my heart sing today =)


  1. Such a sweet sweet girl - maybe arranged marriages is not such a bad idea.

    1. I know right I cannot say I did not consider it lol