Tuesday, 2 February 2016

January Favourites

January Favourites

I cannot believe January has come and gone already, I wanted to do favourite monthly posts last year but life happened and I just never got round to it, but it’s a new year and my hopefully I will be better at it this year.

Make up

I was lucky enough to be spoilt with some make up goodies over the holidays and they have firmly settled into my favourites for this past month…

Catrice Matt Mousse

I have used this before and will continue to use this forever and a day, this foundation is AMAZING, the coverage is flawless it makes my skin feel baby soft, it wears well and it doesn’t irritate my skin, what more could I ask for, oh wait it is also budget friendly at R89.95 per jar, if I never see another foundation in my life I will die satisfied!

Essence Matt Touch Blush

In my twenties I have developed a blush love affair, whilst I always steered far away from it in my teens it has quickly become something I cannot stay away from in my make-up routine, however the struggle is real to find one that is the right shade for my skin tone.  I am very pale and don’t like bright blushes, I used to use an Avon blush that was just the most stunning dusty rose colour but since I don’t use Avon (they test on animals) anymore I have struggled to find a similar shade.

The Essence blush I was given appears to be very bright and very pink but I have found just a light dusting across my cheek bones gives me the most amazing healthy glow and I am obsessed I tell you obsessed.

Essence Mattifying Powder

I purchased an Essence sun kissed powder several months ago and I hated it however powder has also established itself in my make-up routine over the last year or so, so I was very happy to receive this as a gift.
It really doesn’t do much for the colour of my skin but that is fine it just sets my make-up really well and I love the feeling of it on my skin so I am one happy momma with this product.

Essence Multi Action Mascara

I am positive that this mascara has just been made over because I am sure I purchased one from Essence previously with the exact same name just a different design.  Any way it is a really great mascara not overpowering but still gives your lashes a nice bit of oomph, the staying power is also quite good and again so is the price!

Body Products

Pure Soap

My middle son has suffered from terrible eczema since he was a baby and I also have terribly dry skin as well so when I saw this product at our local pharmacy I decided to try it out and see if it helped anything.
This soap is not only cheap but it is such a great product I even wash my face with it (shock and horror), I was raised to NEVER use soap on my face but this soap is so gentle and leaves my skin so soft and glowing, it has also helped my sons skin so much to the point where he hardly has dry skin at all anymore especially when we combine it with the Dream Cream from Lush.

Seanik Shampoo Bar

I got this for xmas last year and I adore this product, if you have not tried shampoo bars yet do it you will not regret it, the bar lasts forever and leaves your hair looking and feeling so healthy and great, it is also cruelty free and all natural!


I just finished watching the second season of Black sails, I did not think I was going to enjoy it and now I am hooked so I highly recommend it, also on my watch list have been The Strain and IZombie.
I finished up American Horror and was very meh about the ending, I really hope the next season will be better.


I made an amazing Veggie Fried Rice last night and it became my favourite meal overnight, budget friendly and oh so yummy you must try it…

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