Thursday, 21 January 2016

Toddler Secrets, learning on YOUtube

So I have found a secret to toddler happiness and keeping them busy whilst learning at the same time, it has been such a success in our household I decided to share it here.

Now I know tv is not the best thing and most moms don't want to sit their toddlers or kids in front of a tv but I have found so many amazing learning channels on YOUtube for Jesse, its free the channels are bright and amazing and he learns so much from them, his vocabulary has increased and in general he just really enjoys it and I would much rather that if he is watching something it is something he learns from! 

It has even helped us transition to bed time, we tell him its bed time we put on some of the more soothing songs and he curls up with me on the couch singing softly until he drifts off to sleep!

If you are looking for an extra learning source for your child I highly recommend it, I have included links to 2 of Jesse's favorite, the one channel freaks me out a bit because I have a fear of dolls and people dressed up it just freaks me out but Jesse loves it so it stays lol.

The first is LittleBabyBums

The second is MotherGooseClub

Let me know what you think and happy learning with your little ones.


  1. Oh dear Lord, if I must watch Wheels on the Bus (54mins!!) one more time I will cry! But yes, Little Baby Bums is a favourite over here. Also Raa Raa, the noisy little lion.

  2. yeah thanks for this, if i must hear or watch another Barney video iam gonna freak :)