Friday, 1 January 2016


Jesse has officially entered the terrible twos, the tantrums the personality traits that scream defiance and stubbornness and the worst thing is he is so dam cute he often gets away with more than he should especially where my hubby is concerned....

So you can imagine my distaste when my hubby uttered the f word earlier this week and next thing Jesse mimicked him over and over and over... not impressed I think my look of death gave the correct impression because since then my hubby has become more strict with our little monkey, which has been incredibly heartbreaking and hilarious at the same time, a simple tap on the hand and Jesse bursts into tears and throws hime self at me going MAMMA, ever so dramatic like how could daddy do this to me... and then once I explain to him he sheepishly moves over to his dad gives him a hug and says sorry dada... the joys of parenting =)

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  1. Yeah, toddlers are FUN. I feel your pain. Emma is four and she still has her moments of insanity.