Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Scary Parenting Experience

Yesterday I was at work minding my business toddling along with the day when all of a sudden my phone rang, now with my experience with the boys I know all school numbers off by heart so when I saw the school, number on the screen my heart leapt into my throat and rightfully so because on the other line was the school secretary calling me to tell me that Loghan had an accident and knocked his front teeth out… excuse me come again now.

I was literally shaking did you say front teeth you did say front teeth right as in the ones he just got in… argh.

Jumped into my car all kinds of scenarios running through my head, where can we go what can he do will he need replacement teeth, how can we afford this …

So I get to the school and it turned out that he hadn’t knocked his teeth completely out he had basically broken the two front teeth in half for lack of better words and he looked a bit like a wonky vampire.
Then we started the mission of trying to find a dentist on my ex’s medical aid network and eventually after about an hour of driving etc we found one and they were able to help strait away.

They did an incredible job and his teeth look brand new again, such a relief, they were so patient and kind and I left a very happy momma with a very happy but more careful in the future child.

It does mean he will need to be careful when eating etc in the future but I am just so incredibly relived!

Being a parent is not for the light hearted

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