Monday, 25 January 2016


I am a fierce lioness when it comes to my kiddos and there are a few topics that I am extremely passionate if not somewhat aggressive about when it comes to motherhood and life in general these are:

-          The right of every woman to the birth of her choosing

-          The encouragement of breastfeeding but understanding and acceptance of formula feeding

-          Vaccines (this one I don’t bring onto the blog all that often because I know it causes so much hate and anger)

-          Finally the topic that makes me roar most aggressively is awareness and understanding of mental, emotional and learning disabilities and disorders.

So you can imagine how much my inner lioness roared this morning when I saw the following:

This picture is not only ignorant but insulting to anyone who does suffer from or has a loved one who suffers from any of the above mentioned disabilities and/ or disorders.

Just because a disorder or illness is not physical does not mean it doesn’t exist and just because you do not have personal experience with it does not mean it is all bs.

There are days where I wished to the Gods that I could ‘fix’ my depression, that I wouldn’t feel the need to upset my friends and family with my negative feelings and lack of socialization, that I wouldn’t feel the need to hurt or starve myself, I didn’t want to feel that way I hated feeling that way, I willed it away with every fibre of my being but until I accepted and understood what I was going through until I found others like me and help and understanding I could not move forward and I rely heavily on those people to pull me through and show me the better side almost every day.

There are days when I have watched my kids suffer, days when I have wondered how are we going to afford 2 grands worth of medication every month (because every parent wants to see their child medicated and wants to spend thousands on meds and appointments instead of food or other things that are needed, right?), days when they have come home in tears from being bullied days when they have asked me why they are like this why can’t they be normal (who decides what is normal anyway)!!!!!

These ailments exist besides the fact that people are living through them every day they can be picked up on brain scans and in hormone levels, please tell me they don’t exist I dare you.

Hear me roar RAWR… vent over, sorry but not sorry if I offended anyone.

P.S I do apologize that this post is somewhat all over the place but this topic really upsets me and I tend to go all over the place when writing about it.

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