Monday, 1 February 2016

What are your top 5 pieces of clothing? #ZombiePrompts

This is a fairly easy post to write given that I have only one shelf f clothing and tend to have only a certain amount of items that I love and will wear all the time and get multiple items of the same kind… what can I say I know what I am most comfortable in and that is what I wear and its mostly black which grates my mother to no end in fact if I am wearing colour or have an item of colour in my cupboard chances are my mother either gave it to me or bought it for me.

Any hoo so my top 5 items are….

1.      Black maxi skirt: I absolutely adore maxi skirts and have I think 3 or 4 black ones and one in turquoise (thanks mom) they are comfy, flowing, suite all body types and they go with everything you can dress it down or up… love them!

2.      A prom or evening dress; I may not go out often but I own one because you never know when you will need it and since I hate shopping I would rather just have one so I am not left with an anxiety attack come a really nice evening out or a wedding, mine is black of course, if I am attending a wedding I will add a splash of colour with a bolero or my jewellery items.

3.      Ballet pumps; my absolute favourite shoes EVER, they are comfortable and cheap and they come in an array of colours and designs, what’s not to love!

4.      Plain fitted tee’s: love having these and actually own a few different colours, they are extremely comfortable and suite all body types.

5.      Comfy PJ’s and lingerie: I have put these as one because its nightwear but I firmly believe that everyone should own a nice pair of comfortable pj’s because who wants to be uncomfortable when they sleep right? Preferably cotton or any breathable light fabric especially in our climate and then also lingerie. I absolutely adore corsets and lingerie I have a full drawer, I may not have an amazing body but they make me feel like a goddess and I feel every woman should have at least one set!

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