Thursday, 7 January 2016

LUSH Seasons Greetings Box set

So Christmas has come and gone and whilst my hubby and I do not celebrate if there is anything that grabs our attention at the time finances permitted we will get it, this year all I wanted was something from LUSH.

Now LUSH is known for their amazing boxing day sales in both the UK and the USA where all their Xmas box sets and products go half price so I was extremely excited at the prospect of the same in SA, and I have to say that as much as I love LUSH, their seasonal and events coordination stinks, I got to the Canal Walk store first thing on Boxing day only to be told the stores did not have enough stock so the sale would not happen until the Monday possibly, I left my number but after receiving no call, I called them and was told they weren't sure etc but I must watch social media which I did, with no mention of anything I took a chance and called a few days later only to find out the sale had started a few days prior, so I ended up going into the store again and there was literally no stock left of the products and only 3 types of gift boxes, 2 of which were not in my opinion worth it so I ended up walking out with the only other option The Seasons Greetings Box set.

Now if you look at this set you can see that it is aimed at men more than woman it contains a beard and facial wash- Kalamazoo which I passed onto hubby as well as a brightly colored chunk of blue Outback Mate soap, which had in my opinion a very manly scent, a Seanik shampoo bar which I have wanted to try forever and lastly what I really waned in the box was the Lord of Misrule shower gel.

Lord of Misrule is my absolute favorite scent from LUSH, I love everything about it and the scent lingers forever, considering the box cost me less than the shampoo bar and gel would have cost together I decided it was worth it.

My hubby has been using the facial wash as well as the soap and he is loving it, I have to say the smell of the soap has grown on me tremendously and if it comes into stock again at some point I will definitely purchase again, its lovely and the smell lingers forever.

The Seanik shampoo bar has also been a wonderful contribution to our household, it adds amazing volume to my hair and leaves it feeling silky soft, I love it so much, lastly the Lord of Misrule shower Gel, my only fault with this product is it is a very fine liquid and if you don't lather it fast enough you may find the liquid runs through your fingers, other than that I could just get lost in this product the scent is breathtaking and lasts forever.

So all in all I was very impressed and the box set was completely worth it, I am hoping I can be better prepared this year and get some more boxes come Christmas time my whole house smells incredible right now =)

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