Friday, 8 January 2016

Eating meat in a cruelty free lifestyle

I have written a post before on why I am no longer a vegetarian, I know many people may find it hypocritical that I am so pro cruelty free and organic products and make up but that I eat meat, I was vegetarian for so many years and as much as I wanted to keep up with it the affect it had on my personal health was just not doing me any good and since I could not find any supplements or alternatives that helped I chose to start eating meat again, this was whilst I was pregnant with Jesse, it really didn't help that when I fell pregnant with him my first craving and it was incredibly strong was red meat seriously it was all I wanted to eat.

Anyhoo to put it frankly do I believe eating meat is wrong... no I do not, I am Pagan and I do believe that we live off the earth and that she provides us with food and nourishment but I also believe that we should give back to it and this includes feeding the earth with our bodies when we pass on, buying products that do not put animals at risk of cruelty or death and trying to make use of natural products as much as possible in order to preserve mother Earth in every way that we came.

The problem I do have however is how the animal gets from the pasture to your plate the entire process is incredibly cruel and I will never fool myself into thinking otherwise which plays on my soul every time I eat meat because I know its not right, not the actual eating of the animal itself but the way in which the animal is treated during that time, people have killed for food for many years but these days they kill more for sport and that I cannot accept.

So my plan for this year to start cutting down on meat as much as possible and to pursue at least a semi vegetarian diet.

That being said I do know what that does to my body so in order to do that I am on a mission to not only find supplements that will actually help me feel healthy but also protein and iron alternatives to meat that will meet my bodies requirements, it is slightly more difficult being as I am lactose intolerant as well so don't do dairy very often when I do risk it ie for ice cream/ dessert or yogurt I end up in so much pain (bloated) and so ill! I am gluten sensitive as well as are many people as our systems are just not made to break down these processed grains and even cows milk , I do eat bread when I need to but oh boy do I usually regret it, it sucks to put it mildly, it doesn't leave me much to work with, and I am no longer living at home and able to live off my parents budget so cannot afford all the nice vegan and veggie alternatives, not that you need them but it does make it a bit easier.

Again I still do not believe that eating meat is wrong I just do not feel happy within myself knowing how these animals are treated, so my plan is to work through it slowly and see what level I can get to, I may fail miserably especially since my hubby kids and overall family members LOVE their meat but I am going to try and see how it goes.

If anyone has any great supplement recommendations or alternatives I would love to know also baring in mind they would need to be budget friendly, I am really hoping to achieve this goal it may not save an animal now but I do believe that if enough people start pointing fingers at the issues we will see a change.

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