Friday, 8 January 2016

Back to work and other random mumbles

So I returned to work this past Thursday, so sad not because I had an issue with work itself but because I had to leave a very emotional monkey after being at home with him for nearly a month. 

Hubby has been home with him the last 2 days and on Monday they return to aftercare/ creche and then school starts on Wednesday I am so nervous I cannot believe my Gabriel monkey is starting grade 1, I am so incredibly proud and yet at the same time it breaks my heart knowing how fast he is growing up.

That aside it has been a very frustrating week, I am not going to get into it just yet but as soon as its over you can expect quite a lengthy rant post I can tell you that much.

As for my healthy eating challenge (no bread or sugar) I started on Monday, its been going really well the only problem I had was I think Thursdays Challenge where you were supposed to stop caffeine after 1pm.... ya sorry not going to happen I think I made it to 3pm and then I was like nope sorry cant do it, technically its not that I cant I just didn't want to, I take my coffee black without sugar and it is my one major vice, I do not feel that coffee is all that bad for you health wise; I'm sure many people will disagree but I do not and I do not see why I have to give it up, I had to switch to decaf when I had Jesse because he was colicky and had severe reflux, it did nothing for my sleep pattern all it did was leave me irritable and well a bit of a bitch.... ok a lot of a bitch so nope sorry for the good of my own sanity and everybody else's its the one thing I cannot give up.

With regards to the no bread no sugar challenge, we had a admin get together on Tuesday with Pizza- I count Pizza as bread so I decided to just enjoy the day and extend the challenge so that I still get in 21 days, personally as I have said before its not that I want to lose weight I just want to get back into the mindset of making healthier choices and I do not believe  having the odd treat is a bad thing so I am not going to freak out if I take a day out every now and then or eat a chocolate here and there etc, I have said before for me personally when I tell myself you WILL not have something I want it even more and then I just end up binge eating and having a freak out going into a black whole of self loathing for days, I refuse to do that to myself anymore so as far as I am concerned I am happy with this week and will continue on as I have trying my best to stick to everything.

So 2016 is off to a good start somewhat bumpy but its ok I am sure it will only get better from here, 2015 was just a kak year for so many people and I have heard so many people say that 2016 is going to be their year, I truly hope that it will be because honestly every person that I have heard that from deserves it they had so many challenges to face in 2015 and they absolutely deserve a break and a great year going forward.

I hope everyone elses year is off to a good start

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