Friday, 25 December 2015

Festivities 2015

As I have said before we aren't the xmas celebration type  of people but this year I tried really hard to give the kids a day they will remember, I made up xmas eve packages filled with activities new jammie's and lots of yummy goodies and made sure I had everything on their list under the tree, it turned out to be a really great day spent with family with tons of laughs and fun so I decided to share some pics from the festivities...

First off before we even get started we won a Hasbro Hamper that was delivered just in time on xmas eve and it was packed with 3 awesome goodies; a nerf gun, minions play dough and a my little pony which went to my very happy niece last night.

The boys were so exited they wanted to get into their new PJ's by 3pm..

We had a lekker braai like in true SA style and the boys even got a glass of special 'wine', which made them feel very special =)

By the time pudding came along we were all already yawing, the kids loved their Ouma's pudding.

One of the things we did during the day was the boys made their own cookies for Santa, they had an absolute ball.

Santa left a note after his visit... the boys have failed to notice how mommy, the Tooth Fairy and Santa all have the same hand

6 am after 4 hours of sleep,...(us that is)

I wish I had recorded Jesse's face whilst opening his gifts it was his first year of understanding and his reaction was priceless.

After a long xmas day spent at my parents, we are wiped, and are all curled up with our very happy animals who had left overs for supper.

Meet the newest member of our family Loki =)

The boys also got the news that they are going to be big brothers again in the new year.

Also one of my colleagues welcomed her first grandchild into the world this morning, what a xmas gift little Ryan has been =)

I hope everyone had an amazing day filled with love and family even if you do not celebrate.


  1. Congrats on the pregnancy! Happy Christmas!

  2. WHAAAAT I missed the pregnancy!! Thats so awesome. You can join me in the mom of 4 kids club :))

    The nerf guns are great - I am not a huge gun fan but the kids have had such fun with them