Monday, 30 November 2015

Why rush....

As I held my sleeping 2 year old last night I pondered to myself about all the posts I seem to be seeing online lately over the various social media networks.

It just seems that by today standards everyone is in such a rush to have their kids grow, we are incredibly fond of saying we wish our babies would never grow up but if you look at social media you see so many posts asking how can I get my 1 month old to sleep through, why is my child so needy, why do the bite or throw tantrums….

I myself have done this in the past when tired or frustrated and I just find it utterly ridiculous, think about it for a second.

You carry this tiny being for 9 months, that baby is born into a world where they know nothing, they cannot communicate other than through crying and all they have is their survival instincts, they know when they are hungry wet and cold that’s about it, and yet we expect them to behave like an adult; to know what they want, to tell us what they want and to sleep through asap, if they don’t we put formula in their bottles, start them on solids early, sleep train them or let them cry it out when at the end of the day they are just BABIES, babies who we chose to bring into the world knowing full well that this was what we were asking for….

Maybe we should all take the time to truly appreciate that our babies are new and it will take time for them to learn and grow, some take longer than others, believe me when Jesse was still screaming through the night and feeding every half hour at 1 years of age I was frustrated and tired only to find out he had a medical issue, the guilt that I felt for that frustration was terrible all the times I was frustrated with my baby for something he could not control and by crying he was telling me something was wrong….

I urge anyone who is pregnant or with a small baby or child, yes it can be frustrating as hell sometimes but don’t rush perfection allow your child to grow and learn at their own pace and enjoy the moments whilst they are still small and need us most.

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