Monday, 16 November 2015

First world issues supermarket frustrations

I know this is a complete first world problem and I shouldn’t complain but I need to vent about this because I am sick to death of supermarkets mis-pricing items and the way in which tellers etc at some super market chains act towards their customers.

I have personally never been a Pick and Pay fan I have had several issues with them mainly that their staff do not greet when I always take the time to greet the person helping me and to say thank you and that they should have a good day, generally the ladies talk past you over one another to their fellow tellers and often in a language you cannot understand, it is their language and they have every right to speak it however when I worked in retail you wouldn’t dare speak to a buddy whilst attending to a customer and lastly they are very un helpful I had an instance where my card declined the woman behind the counter made it a big deal when I asked her to run the card again she huffed and puffed and made a scene, I left walked to the gas station next door and drew money from said card that declined walked back and still received attitude all whilst my youngest had to wait with my mom in law and was screaming his head because he was tired and hungry.

However one thing I will say is after I complained the Pick and Pay manager contacted me the next day, apologised profusely and agreed with everything I had said, which is what I would expect and I appreciated that he took the time to apologise and even asked me if I would like to come in and discuss the issues.

Anyhoo so this weekend I had to pop out to get some cat food and I decided to stop in at Checkers, I usually buy the same brand of cat food however I still check the prices of all the foods and will take a cheaper one if we are in a pinch, which we often are.

Anyway so I checked and double checked the prices get to the teller and it rings up R20 more than what it said on the shelf so I tell the lady and she gives me the eye and sends her fellow teller to go check, this woman took several minutes and I am not lying if I had walked there I could have walked there and back several times in the time it took her and of course she comes back and says the price was right, now this is the brand I buy all the time I know what the price is usually and I know I checked the price so I left it and walked out.

However I needed cat food so I decided to stop at the Pick n’ Pay on the way home, it was only one item and I wanted to prove a point since Pick n’ Pay is usually a few rand more expensive than Checkers per product.  I go in and what do you know almost 20 less than the price they had said at Checkers and in line with the price I normally pay, so they are trying to say their product is R20 more than another store?

Incidentally I had a friend check the price at another Checkers this morning and it again was listed at the price I had seen.

I know it seems petty but when you are living from pay check to pay check and you support a store on a regular basis you would think that you would not be treated in this manner or ripped off, I know there are many people who would pay the incorrect price and carry on or don’t even check when they buy things but for those of us who need to it really pissed me off especially the way I was given a look of ah shit man lady now I have actually do my job and walk to check a price and given the look of death when I insisted the price was wrong.

The supervisor did walk by and asked what was wrong when I told her she offered again to check the price, I however received another look of death from the teller who had checked and seeing that I was in a time crunch for free parking ( I did not have extra cash on me) I just told her to leave it.

But anyhoo that’s my mindless first world vent for the day, I know not everyone gets the job their dream of or enjoys their job hell being a receptionist was not what I envisioned for my life but it is a job in a very poorly economy and  am lucky to have it and will do it properly, and I would expect the same from anyone else in a service driven industry.

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