Thursday, 8 October 2015

My Top 10 local bloggers

Hi Everyone

As I said in previous post I am not really up to blogging at the moment however that doesn’t mean that I am not still enjoying the many other blogs I have come to know and love so I decided to put together a list of my top 10 blogs that I follow, please bare in mind that there are so many amazing bloggers out there I wish I could put them all on my list but I have found that these are the 10 that I follow and enjoy most frequently and I highly recommend that you go on over and give them a read.

So without further a due in no particular order my top 10 ‘local’ (one is no longer local) blogs are:

Caffeine and Fairy Dust

If you are a mommy blogger then chances are you are already following Maz over at Caffeine and Fairy Dust, I found her blog a few months back and I have been hooked ever since, she is a mommy/ mental health blogger, mum to 2 gorgeous babies her pigeon pair and she is a fashion designer, her posts are filled with great advice, solid honesty and a good laugh and I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every post since I found her.

I also took part in one of her features and my post actually went live this morning so go on over and give that a read, it is the What I wish you knew about series and my post is about being Pagan and What I wish people knew about my Pagan Family.

Pregnant in Cape Town

Mandy is another mommy blogger I follow religiously, she blogs over at Pregnant in Cape Town and is mum to a gorgeous little girl Charly I love reading her advice and seeing her mommy updates, if you are looking for awesome reviews and honest advice; her blog is a must read.

Fairleigh- The girlier side of geek

I found Leigh’s blog - Fairleigh, quite a while back and since then she has actually emigrated to the UK (so jealous), she is not a mom she a proud nerd/ unicorn/ beauty blogger who does amazing reviews and posts about life in general and I really enjoying reading her posts.

Shell Shocked Mommy

Laverne or Shell Shocked Mommy as she is known is another mommy blogger and I have been following her for a few months now, another mommy who focuses on adoption, a free spirit who blogs about her life as a mom I really enjoying her informative posts.

I also featured in her What’s in my Diaper Bag Series, which was a lot of fun

Make it Rayne

If you are looking for great make up reviews then I highly recommend this blog, Rayne does great posts on up and coming make up skin care and beauty product launches as well as honest well written reviews which appeal to the girlier side of my life, I especially love her beauty box swops and seeing all the goodies she gets from around the world eek.

Mind the curves

I love Megs blog, her blog is an honest reflection of beauty and the generation of positive body images for all woman, body positivity is something I have written about many times and it’s awesome to see someone local targeting an issue that has become a very serious issue for most woman.

The Blessed Baroness

Sharon over at the Blessed Baroness is a fertility blogger and mum to 2 gorgeous adopted girls, her honest reflection and advice on infertility, adoption and motherhood have me checking her blog all the time for new content and I thoroughly enjoy reading her posts.

Born Geek

The gorgeous mum (Born Geek) to be is my most recent follow, she is a proud geek  and I love her honesty about pregnancy motherhood and everything in between.

Legally brunette

Sharna is a legal eagle/mommy blogger who I recently started following maybe 2 months back, she is a mum to one monkey boy and she blogs about her life and its many ups and downs, I really love her honesty and she always gives me a good laugh.

I also participated in her Surviving the NICU Series which was a really nice way to introduce my story to other mums in the hopes of raising awareness about the NICU and prematurity.

Harassed mom

Laura- Kim is mom to 4 little ones and blogs over at Harassed Mom, as she says on her page harassed but happy, I can relate completely and I really enjoying reading her posts, again a more recent follow but definitely worth the visit!

There you have it, I absolutely adore these blogs and the ladies behind them are amazing, I don’t think I can ever explain how much reading about their own experiences and lives can help the people who read them, you ladies are amazing thank you for all the advice and stories you give out into the world.

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