Monday, 1 June 2015

Grey hairs

Hello from a very cold momma.

This is the  coldest start to a winter I can remember in a long time I'm getting frequent headaches from the cold.

Today I spent the day home with Jesse who isn't well at all, he wanted nothing else but cuddles and attention and we've been up pretty much every night since last week Thursday.

You think that would be enough for one week but no I am busy dishing up food for the kids and suddenly the kids yell out that Jess  is bleeding, I went over thinking he had bitten his lip again only to pick him up and discover blood everywhere, we are not sure how but long story short and an ER trip later he had cut his finger, the nurses gawked at us and I only realized once things had settled it was because Jesse had put blood all over my face and himself. 

We are now home and the kids are all asleep in bed, I have a headache again and feel terrible so I am going to curl up on the couch with hubby and hopefully get some sleep. 

Good night everyone 

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