Thursday, 4 June 2015

Bleh bleh bleh

It has been a realy bleh week... I absolutely adore winter but when almost my entire household is sick it's no fun.

In short my hubby and Gabriel have both caught Jesse's flu and this flu is something else I dont think i have seen a flu this bad in years, but I suppose as all viruses do it is ever evolving and the strain changes all the time.

In any case you can imagine the fun and games- Gabriel just sniffs constantly and refuses to blow his nose argh and hubby snores even worse than usual and I am in the corner crying out please just dont breathe on me, sneeze on me or cough on me I dont want to get sick to because being a sick mom stinks, there is no time off for a sick mom...

Im feeling so restless this week, no idea why but I just feel agitated and bored, perhaps it is time to start a hobby... lol... who has time for that.... my iron levels are also dead low again but now the stinking tablets make me feel ill instead of helping... sigh (enough rambling)

Anyhoo so my apologies for being quiet but thats pretty much it- my house is choc full of flu and Im just hoping it will be over soon so I can enjoy winter as I always do.

Cuddle up on the couch with someone you love... or like no pressure and enjoy

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