Sunday, 26 April 2015

Natural Cleaning

I was asked the other day which cleaning products we use as we are converting all of our chemical products in the house to natural/ cruelty free alternatives, this was my wellness warehouse run yesterday.

We have used a few of the earth-sap products they are great, they smell amazing and go far which is great because they are a bit more expensive than chemical products, as you can see I bought the earth-sap all purpose cleaning for R32.00 you can use this for dishes, floors and anything else, I use it for general cleaning and floors.

This is my 1st time using the Ecover dish liquid which was R39.00 so I'm not sure how great it is but it certainly smells amazing so I have high hopes, and then the Enchantrix laundry liquid which was R59.00, this is absolutely divine it smells heavenly and you only need 15 ml per load so this bottle should last the month.

All these products are cruelty free and natural, I also use soap nuts added to my laundry as well as vinegar as a natural softener, these products are available at wellness warehouse and I think Dischem as well.

I have noticed a dramatic difference in my hands since converting to natural products the chemical ones burn my hands and aggravate my eczema so this has been a big plus for me.

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