Sunday, 26 April 2015

Frikken nasty buggers

So this weekend was great well for the most part, yesterday we ran errands, took the kids to the library  and showed up for a party that was actually today- where is my head, we then spent the afternoon reading and watching movies.

This morning I decided to check Loghan's hair again as we have been given so many notices these past 2 weeks to check hair as it is going around... so far we have all escaped it, that is until today.

I checked his hair and low and behold... nits argh I was livid so off I ran to buy whatever products I could lay my hands of we then stripped everything and covered everyone's hair in lice shampoo, tea tree, coconut oil and vinegar, even though we were all clear we decided not to take the chance and everyone was walking around with cling wrapped heads for a while... 2 hours later and Loghan was completely clear... thank the gods we even shaved their hair for good measure.

WHY oh WHY do lice go for clean hair it drives me insane and the crap thing is if one parent does not treat the issue the whole cycle starts again so i will write a note to Loghans teacher and hopefully they will check everyone's hair so this doesn't happen again, in the interim we have the tea tree spray to keep them away and crossing fingers and toes it does the job....

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