Saturday, 21 March 2015

Review- Tomee Tippee easi flow explora cup

So hubby was working today as per usual and I was just feeling a bit home crazy so Jesse and I decided to  take a trip down to the mall to do a little window shopping....

Of course while we were out window shopping Jesse caught sight of the sippy cups, now we have been looking at cups for a while obviously Jesse is at that age when most babies start moving away from bottles and on to cups, Gabriel actually started on a cup pretty early but Jesse is really fussy with what he drinks from so it has been a bit tricky- we were given an awesome tupperware sippy cup by his ouma it was leak proof and awesome I loved it so much but last week it started leaking everywhere and we couldnt understand why until I squeezed the spout and realised Jesse had bitten it so that the valve is now ripped ai so there went that bottle we still use it but it is just to messy to take out.

Anyhoo so he started reaching for the bottles so I thought ok well lets look and see, holy cow what is with all the options and who on earth pays like R300 for a sippy cup at the end of it the choice was between the Tommee Tippee Explorer which works on a suck action one way valve and is supposed to be spill proof and easy to use and the NUK sports Junior which looks very much like a regular sports bottle just with Mickey Mouse on it, in the end the price got the better of me and Jesse liked the TT cup more, in my oppinion the colour was far more attractive, so I went with that one, it is a 300ml cup so a fair size, transparent blue with a car motif on it in yellow and white.

The cost was R95 which I still think is expensive for a sippy cup but I figured I would rather get a decent cup and it lasts than buy a dozen cheapies which I have done in the past.

So I put it on my account...bows head in shame... and off we went on home.

So of course "Jesse" was dying to try his new cup so after washing it we did, I tried it myself 1st and it was really easy to drink from I also tipped it and shook it and no leaks so I was a happy mama, the spout it hard plastic covered by like a rubbery overly so its soft to drink from as well.

Well Jesse drank from it and he seemed fine the only issue he seemed to have is because it is a valve cup if the bottle is not full or near full you have to tip the cup up quite a bit for the juice to reach the valve at the spout, the only issue I had with it is that after he had drank from it and I washed it I realised he had been biting on the spout so it no longer looks new and he has only had it for one day, real bummer from my side but nothing I can do about it nw, unfortunately I didnt take into account that Jesse is still teething.

Overall I would give this cup a 8/10 it seems to be a really good durable cup easy to drink from and its spill proof which is really important to me, the design is also really cute its a dark blue with a car design, they have pink and purple for girls.

I wont give this bottle to Jess at night though for now we will still be using the bottle I am still on the lookout for a nightime bottle alternative until he is cup ready.

We have the one on the right

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