Monday, 16 March 2015

Breastfeeding update- 18 Months

So I have made it into my 18th month of breastfeeding, I actually cannot believe that i have made it this far and am so incredibly proud.

I feel incredibly blessed that I have been able to experience this with Jesse even though it hasn't been an easy ride it most certainly has been a wonderful one thus far.

Of course Jesse is somewhat less reliant on me at this age he still however drinks from me every morning and in the evening when I get home but he no longer feeds during the night unless he is not feeling well, I do however still express during the day and send a bottle with him to creche every morning for him to have at sleep time- alternatively he enjoys some rooibos tea with a tsp of brown sugar or some juice even water which is so great, my mom always made sure we drank plenty of water growing up and i still prefer it over most beverage choices in fact all others but coffee.

So far like I said it has not been easy I have had plenty of blocked ducts as well as a mild infection, I also tend to get a terrible heat rash in that area quite often which is really uncomfortable luckily all my nursing bras are of the breathable cotton persuation, I have also found that using a bit of dream cream helps soothe and heal the dry and irritated area really quickly, other than that the issues have been really small and I thoroughly enjoy nursing for the most part especially when Jesse plays with my hair whilst lulling off to sleep feeding or when he holds my face.

I have cried through days of low milk supply, I've drank teas and eaten things I never thought I would in order to get my supply up again, it has been a journey of intense determination.

He has become a bit of a snack feeder which sometimes can be quite annoying as he feeds for a minute gets off and a few minutes later wants back on again like he is sipping from a sippy cup lol but he really loves to feed still and quite honestly even though I thought I was ready to wean he clearly isn't ready so I figure I will go on until the 2 year mark.

The problem I am having is that if I take him off the boob what milk do I put him onto as his system strongly disagrees with cows severely he throws up or experiences terrible cramps if I use cows milk in any of his food so that is out, rice milk is not nutritional, soya is not good for you at all and I think almond milk tastes really bad, I've tried to find goats milk locally but it's really expensive so at this stage I would rather he carry on drinking from me than give him something I do not feel is meeting his needs, I do think that some kind of milk is still very important at his age and if I cannot find something that I feel is a good nutritional alternative to my milk well then I would rather just carry on... besides that I just so enjoy the time with him, its our time and I love it even though I tend to bitch and moan every now and then I really do love that bonding time and I am so sorry that I didn't get to experience this with Loghan and Gabriel.

Of course I do not have anything against formula feeding as I have expressed before on this blog but it really does give you a really lovely bonding experience that i personally find I never got through bottle feeding my older 2.

In a nutshell I am just really thankful that I have been able to make it this far, I owe a lot to my husband and family for all their support even if at times they think I am a bit loony for still doing it at nearly 2 years but they support me non the less and  just really feel like I accomplished something I suppose you can equate it to how woman who want to experience natural birth feel its just a really nice feeling... I'm not sure how far we will get but whatever time I have left I hope to cherish and appreciate as much as I can as this is the last time  will be able to.

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