Thursday, 12 February 2015

not a super mom and thats fine by me


Last night I arrived home and while making supper had to make cupcakes for my sons bake sale today, it has been a rather harrowing week the kids have been dragging their feet in the mornings and they fight like it’s nobody’s business every 2 seconds its mommy he hit me or mommy he is on my side of the couch, mommy why is supper taking so long and oh I left my homework at school again or I had a bad day today… and yet at the end of the day when I put them to bed and kiss them goodnight all that seems to melt away.


In any case so I had to make cupcakes for the bake sale I always have the luck of the bake sales ending up on my week I do enjoy baking but always leave it until the last minute and I am then left standing frustrated in the kitchen and everything seems to go wrong… surprisingly last night nothing went wrong and the cupcakes looked dam good if I do say so myself the boys each got a treat and Jesse ended up with the bowl… he absolutely loved it.

After looking at the cupcakes last night and thinking about the harrowing journey they would need to make with the kids on the shuttle trip I decided to drop them myself this morning.

Dropping them at school is something I would just love to do every day as I walked through the gate I looked at all the other lucky moms who get to drop their children every day to kiss them goodbye and walk them to their classes, these supermoms that look so pristine like they have it all together all the time, those moms who work half days or get to stay home who get to shuttle their own kids to sport practices and help out with school events…. This morning I thought to myself I envy you all so much.

Here I am a working mom I try my best but there are days when things go AWOL… but you know what even on my worst day my children know that they are loved; they know they are my world and more than that I could never ask for.

I am sure that if I had to ask those moms how they do it they would probably envy someone else maybe their lives look perfect from someone on the outside but maybe they are just as much of a mess as I am…..
I have learnt so many things along my journey as a mom and there have been so many times when I have said to myself what are you doing, you can do better or this is not what a mom is and to be honest its bs, a mom any mom can only do her best she can only give everything she has and can and sometimes there will be crazy days when you don’t have it all together but that is ok I am not a supermom, I am just a regular mom trying to do my best for my children and in this I have learnt the following:

TV can be a great thing not all the time but if you need free hands then it can be a great tool

Children well mine anyway love 2 minute noodles and if they have it for supper once in a blue moon it won’t kill them, neither will toasted sandwiches for that matter or eggs

Children mess and that’s ok your house doesn’t have to be perfect

Bribery is a something you just have to learn to be ok with

No parent is perfect and there is no manual for parenting

If your child knows they are loved you are doing a great job

I have had many other moms ask me how I do it and to be honest most days I really don’t have an answer to that question you just do, there are days when I cry days when I want to scream even days when I just want to hide away but not because I don’t love my children but because I wonder whether I am a good enough mom, I may not be perfect but I am a good mom we all are it just takes one step at a time and lots of love…every moment with my children is a gift and it it is my job to make sure that they know that.

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