Monday, 16 February 2015

My V Day 2015

So we celebrated this year and I have to say it was a really great day- it started off with breakfast and coffee in bed- yummy french toast, we then spent the day with the boys and I went to pick up the latest addition to our family.... Sonic the hedgehog, yes we have a baby hedgehog and he is frikken adorable ahhh I just love him so much!!!

We then ended the day with dinner at Sevruga in the Waterfront, my mom came to babysit at our place and it was just so nice to get out with hubby and have that alone time with amazing food and amazing service I tell you that restaurant is worth its weight in gold- it is pretty expensive thankfully we had a voucher so only ended up having to pay the tip which was awesome!!!!

If you are ever looking for a gorgeous restaurant with amazing food or even deserts give it a go they even do half price on sushi most days.....

my food NOM NOM

Hubbys Food

all dressed up....

Outside the restaurant

I hope everyone had a rocking day whether you celebrated or not. oooo I almost forgot I got me one LUSH valentines product from hubby.....

I dont want to use it, its sooooo pretty

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