Thursday, 22 January 2015


Totally random post for the day but as I was sitting in my car in traffic this morning I couldn’t help but glance over at the cars beside me day dreaming about what it would be like to one day own a new car maybe the Nissan juke or something along those lines I have never liked bigger cars but there is something about the Juke that gets me hot under the collar it is GORGEOUS.



Anyhoo so I’m a mom and I cannot and probably will never be able to afford a new car and even if I could I don’t think I could justify spending 3 grand a month on a car or more.
I drive a fiat Palio- it is my 2nd car and my 2nd palio.

I remember the excitement of going to look for my 1st car my grandfather had left me some money and I wanted to use a portion to get the car I so desperately needed as I had just had Loghan and needed to get to work etc.

There weren’t many options in my price range and at the end of it I walked away the very proud owner of a Fiat Palio 2000 model in white and it was a 2 door which was not the smartest thing for a mom with kids but anyway I was extremely happy.

What Bella looked like, I cant find an actual picture of her right now

That car went through hell to put it mildly it was written off within a few months of me owning it after I fell asleep behind the wheel, it went into a wall while being towed because my ex didn’t know what he was doing and locked the wheel going around a corner, I knocked a tree whilst pregnant with Gabriel during a heavily misted winter night, oh and the bonnet catch gave in and the hood went up on us almost smashing the windscreen twice… this car was either cursed or I had a guardian angel because it survived it all ooo I also had an Italian guy reverse into me while stationary because his wife asked him for a divorce and he wasn’t emotionally stable at the time anyhoo so like I said it went through hell that all and being messed in by children every day, being driven all day every day it saw me through many hard times it was light on petrol and the parts were cheap and easy to source so I think it was a dam good car and I loved her dearly yes she was a her and her name was Isabella or Bella for short, I actually got quite sentimental the day she had to go... so many great memories in that car that far surpassed the bad.

But alas all things come to an end and when my mom decided to buy a new car she offered to give me her newer model  4 door silver Palio if I allowed her to trade in my car and use the money- in my opinion a great bargain her car was newer than mine and a 4 door BONUS.
What Mia looks like

So now I have Mia and I have to say that I’m really happy yes I have dreams of a new car but quite frankly as long as I have a car that is reliable I am happy.

Its strange people priorities can be so different and some people may stem a lot of pride through their material possessions but it really doesn’t bother me my car is mine I own it I don’t owe anything on it and I’m happy it may not be new or look amazing but that’s ok maybe in another life I’ll drive a fancy car but then maybe I won’t have kids personally I would rather drive something old and have my children than all the money and material possessions without them.

Here is to all the happy future memories my family and I will have.

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