Friday, 23 January 2015

Beauty without make up

There are 2 things I dislike about being a woman, the first is clothing shopping ick I hate it nothing ever fits right or sits right sizes are never the same between 2 stores and that can either be great or just down right depressing or you find something you love but they don’t have your size bla bla bla.


Anyway the other thing is make-up, I have never been into make-up although I own a ton of it but never used it; but lately I have been trying to make an effort on that part so I’ve been watching a few vlogs or video logs and such on doing your makeup and holy moly I feel undressed on my most major make up day.

When I put make up on it is usually some foundation, mascara and eyeliner, lately it’s been a bit of eye shadow and bronzer and today I even wore lipstick…. Gasp I detest lipstick ick, but that is nothing compared to the amount of products I have seen this ladies put on their faces concealer, foundation, powders, highlighters, colour correctors and primers… and that’s just the start then there is brow tints and pencils and shades, eye shadow primers and multiple eye shadows, lip pencils lipsticks, blushers and bronzers and finally make up setting sprays or powders not only did it leave me hulluva confused and glad to be a mom of boys because hell no am I teaching a girl to put make up on if that’s what is called for today but also when I saw how terrible their skin looked without the makeup I was shocked surely you realise what you are doing to your skin how much you are clogging your pores ick surely you realise that you wouldn’t need so much make up if you didn’t use so much make up- now all these ladies have amazing skin care routines some of which I follow myself now but surely they can see it doesn’t help if you are going to lather your face in makeup that your skin cannot breathe.

That aside these are gorgeous woman, and they are woman who are setting the stage on an open and very popular platform for girls and other woman from around the world and that’s a real shame- there is nothing wrong with make-up and it does look amazing but surely you want to teach others to love themselves without all that gunk on their face and also to advise properly as to what all this make up will do to your skin.

These vlogs can be tremendously helpful, God’s knows that I didn’t know how awesome a bronzer could be for me until now or how to get smoky eyes- my mom never taught me how to put on make-up she only taught me that a; base needs to be blended properly and b; that I should never wear blue eye shadow because I look abused or tarty…. Bless my mom for that because they are both very true.

Some time ago everyone was doing these no make up selfies everyone of these woman looked gorgeous with the make up.

I personally know a girl- she is stunning one of the prettiest girls I have seen but she literally cakes her face in make-up and it looks cheap and unnatural there is no need for it she is gorgeous already, make up is there to enhance the beauty you already have and every woman has and every woman is beautiful even though you may not think so there is always someone who does.

If you are interested some YOUtube channels that I have found really helpful beauty wise and lovely in general to watch are.


Some lovely mommy or daily vlogs to watch are:

Ellie and Jared

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