Monday, 17 March 2014

The Media Frenzy

I remember February 14th of last year well not for the gifts my husband gave me or the sheer dottiness of people over compensating for a year’s worth of romance and love but for something everyone has been on about the last few weeks.
I remember well my mom came down to tell me that OP had shot his girlfriend and I have to say the first thing that went through my mind was crime of passion not that it matters what I think he shot her there is no disputing that but what really grinds my grate is the sheer mass of media attention this trial has accumulated….

Yes they were a well-known couple yes it highlights abuse against woman and it is a tragedy that a young woman’s life was cut short in such a horrific way, justice should be served and Reeva should be remembered, but what about other cases like Anene Booysen, that media frenzy fizzled out before it highlighted anything, it really bothers me that every paper morning and afternoon that we have received since the trial began has included full page spreads of opinions and anything really regarding this trial, the radio is full of it the news on the TV full of it and yet the real stories the stories that should really be bringing in attention that really should be voiced are left to print in tiny columns on pages 4 or 5, I have actually decided to stop reading the paper and such because it just makes me so angry.

Surely a story about a man who shot and killed his wife and baby should draw more attention, it really is a sad thing that something like that gets given a once over and put aside it’s a tragedy an absolute tragedy and it highlights the sheer lack of regard for what has become a daily occurrence in our country today, this should not be something that is simply accepted or expected!
Is Oscar guilty of murder with intent maybe he is maybe he isn’t but I am sure that if Reeva was the type of person everyone has said she was and she were around to see the attention her story has drawn she would be disappointed, I am sure she would want justice but that can be done without all the over dramatization and hoo haa.

To the memory of all the tragic losses that occur daily in our country I think we as a people should be willing to stand up and say you will not be forgotten you will not be pushed aside and you will be remembered!!!
We as a people need to stand up and say this is not ok we will not accept this, and people in the media should not allow these stories to simply fade away they are the pillars if they make sure these stories are front page where they should be as well as highlighted all the time until justice is found, then these stories will not be forgotten.

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