Thursday, 13 March 2014

A tatoo is a permanant thing

This morning my trail of thought for the day was sparked by a news 24 article on Kelly Osbourne who is undergoing a 3rd session of laser treatment for the removal of several tattoos on her body, not too long ago I read a similar article on Drew Barrymore who had decided that being a mom meant no tattoos and revamping her image to be more ‘pure’.

Firstly on the topic of tattoos in general I think body art is amazingly beautiful the way you can turn your body into a canvas of beauty and meaning it’s just amazing, I sadly only have one tattoo so far a pentagram on my right wrist, my husband and I have matching ones his is on his left wrist when we join hands they match up ahhhhh corny I know and to be quite honest it was a totally spontaneous moment for me we were at a festival for Pagan Freedom day and there was a couple there tattooing and I turned to my boyfriend and said I want to do it lets go and we did, I don’t regret it I love being Pagan and I love my now husband for me it’s a constant memory and wearing my faith on my literal sleeve allows people to get a general sense of who I am at heart.
I have 3 more tattoos planned much to my mother’s disgust every time we walk past a woman in particular with tattoos some snide remark will pass her lips about how its common or trashy and every time I say it’s her body she can do with it what she likes if it offends you look away and keep your comments to yourself…. That hasn’t seemed to sink in but I guess that is who she is…

Getting back to the articles Drew Barrymore is my absolute favourite actress I think she is just simply amazing and stunningly gorgeous so when I read the article it made me a bit sad, her tattoos didn’t define her as a parent and they certainly didn’t make her look trashy or common, the past is the past it has made you who you are today and I don’t think she should have done it…. My personal opinion of course it is her body and her choice but its hard to hide the past when you are famous her daughter and future children to come will come to see pictures of her before they will read articles hear things especially from other children who are by far the cruellest without realising it.

In any case she did it and I suppose she will already have some explanation for her daughter one day…. Then there is Kelly another amazingly strong woman she has overcome so much and she looks simply stunning, she has worked hard to build up a new image for herself and I think she is a great role model for woman out there.
Her reason for the tattoo removal is that she has come to dislike some of hers saying they were mistakes, I can imagine a few of them were done also at a spur of the moment or a fleeting whim at times of her life she may not want to remember, she has changed her looks and her outlook on life and seems to also want to leave the past behind….. but again can you really I suppose it is easier when you do not have a daily reminder of such things, but again I think those mistakes only remind us to be stronger if the tattoo is a total muck up and I mean you got stupid and went to a corner tattoo parlour where an idiot who thinks he can tattoo after getting a kit for his birthday only to wind up waking up with something that looks like Mick Jagger instead of Marilyn Monroe then by all means have it covered or removed lol.

I love being a tattooed parent, I can’t wait to properly explain all my body art to my kids one day, my boys have already asked me to explain the one I have so far they call it my pretty picture, my next tattoo will be in their honour I have tweaked a tattoo I have wanted since the age of 16 and I am hoping to have it done by the end of the year, several people have commented on how it will look in my old age but you know what everyone gets old and it’s not pretty most of the time and that’s ok it’s still my body and like I say to my mother if it offends you look away you are not perfect no one is and if people can be grown up enough to keep quiet about your flaws then you can have the decency and show the same respect to others, its ok to look it and go ok it’s not my cup of tea but it doesn’t have to be cause it’s not yours, tunnels inserted in the ears are the biggest turn off for me personally not my cup of tea but it’s not my body and I have no right to judge I just wont get them myself. My husband wants to partake in a suspension in the future I think he is bat shiv crazy but hey go for it if it’s going to make you happy.

One day my boys will either choose to come to me and ask to have one done or do what my brother and I did and just have it done without consent I would prefer the former I would prefer to take them so I can make sure it’s a reputable place that’s clean and will give them a work of art they can be proud of, I watched an episode of some tattoo cover up show and was horrified by the one girls story whose parents asked the tattoo artist to f up the tattoo and make it as painful as possible as a punishment for having wanted it done in the first place how disgusting is that it’s your child it’s a permanent mark on their skin….

however I will say that if my boys do ask one day I would ask them to wait a few months before having it done to make sure it’s what they want it may not be something they want further done the line and then they can decide to have it removed but it’s something to be proud of not ashamed of!!!
I am a tattooed and pierced mom of three and I am not ashamed!!!!

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