Tuesday, 18 March 2014


This morning I would like to dedicate a few thoughts and words to a little miss whom I never had the privledge to meet but who holds a dear place in my heart Ms Vylette Moon.

Taken to soon from her mother due to midwife neglect there is not a day that passes that this dear sweet child doesn’t fill my thoughts.

In today's age there is just no excuse for the loss of a child due to hospital or doctor negligence, no matter what method of birth the mother uses we have the medical expertise and this shouldn’t happen.

I believe that a woman should have the birth of their choosing I personally would not go through a homebirth I like the hospital setting and having the equipment close by , a good friend of mine has had two homebirths with no issues pain free and beautiful but it doesn’t mean either one is safer a dear friend of mine lost her brother due to doctor negligence several years ago at a very well known hospital, they sought justice and as far as I am aware they were compensated by the hospital after months of trying to get them to admit their fault and really at the end of the day the ‘compensation’ does nothing to heal the wounds.

Vylette Moon should not have died, her mother Jackie was a doting mom to be she was vegan and looked after herself thoroughly attending all her appointments as one should she did everything to ensure the health and safety of her future daughter and at 40 weeks her baby had grown perfectly as expected and all was set to go…..

So what went wrong simply put Jackie went into labor on thanksgiving weekend when her midvives wanted to be on holiday, they delayed her for their own selfish means until it was too late for dear Vylette.

As a woman and especially as a first time mother you put your trust in your doctor or midwives hands you expect them to guide you through what can be a very daunting experience in your life, I have felt the emotions and fear that come with a first time birth so you expect that at least one person will be there and know what they’re doing to tell you all is well in person not over a phone because they feel they have better things to do!!!!

They FAILED Jackie and Vylette and her whole family in fact they failed everyone who was waiting to welcome this dear one into the world.

By the time Jackie was able to ascertain that something was wrong and reach a hospital Vylette was in distress then everyone panicked and rushed to bring her out, she came out silent and unmoving, not crying there was no sweet sound for her mother’s ears it was too late and sadly her mother had to make the horrible decision to turn off her life support several days later.
This should not have happened and these midwives continue to practice and bring babies into the world without apology or remorse it is sick they should be stripped of their ability to hold these woman’s trust in their hands I don’t care if it’s the only birth they ever had go wrong the way they went about it is WRONG and they should pay for it.

So far there has been no Justice for Vylette, please if anything is attained by these few words I ask that you spread the word go to Jackies page Justice for Vylette share in her grief and memories and help her fight for her little girls memory, read her story look at her pictures they will stay with you and find a place and a cause in your heart.

Dear Vylette sweet Vylette Moon you will never be forgotten!

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