Monday, 31 March 2014

A cause worth fighting for

There are three causes that always touch my heart immensely the one is anything to do with children or the elderly and the other animal welfare, specifically because these are the 3 groups in our world that need the most love care and attention as well as they cannot for the most part care for themselves.
I think that anyone that causes physical mental or emotional harm to any of these three should be made to walk off a cliff with a spike floor awaiting them at the bottom, how sick can one be to take advantage of something or someone that cannot fight back or fend for itself, abuse of children, the elderly and animals is at its highest and it is sick sick sick!!!!!!

Our countries justice system does all of these people a disservice when the victims of such crimes are made to feel worthless and to blame for anything that is done to them to the point where very few people will come forward to report any such crimes as very rarely something is done about it, if the victim is lucky they will get to see the criminal do some time very rarely is it a time deserving of the crime and the victim is left with the effects of the crime through their life that is if they actually live through the ordeal which very often in the cases of these groups they do not.
There are so many organizations that try to help these groups but truth be told I don’t think it will ever be enough, the reason that this topic has been so much on my mind was due to an article I received online yesterday from a friend of mine regarding the UITSIG rescue center for animals, this is one of the organizations that I hold so dear to my heart and I have personally experienced the love and devotion they share with all their four legged and sometimes less furry friends.

The UITSIG rescue center is a farm center which takes in lost abandoned or neglected animals of all shapes and sizes particularly cats and dogs, they then work with the animals to rehabilitate them and re-home them, however unlike some other organizations they do not euthanize animals that cannot be homed, now as you can imagine this means that they at any given time are home to hundreds of animals and they rely on donations from people and organizations where possible, often taking the most part from their own pockets besides devoting every hour of the day to these gorgeous animals.

The article I received yesterday was a call for help regarding the farm that they are making use of, they have been given 3 months’ notice to vacate due to the land being reallocated for low income housing which is another topic altogether but this now means that they need to find another place to go and fast I stand in correction but I believe they need a 3 hectare plot with 3 phase power, they ideally would like to build a place of their own to avoid something like this occurring in the future, but this is a very expensive venture and they need help.

I have in my own capacity taken animals to the center to be re-homed knowing that whatever happens they will receive the love care and devotion the need I have also in my own capacity adopted cats from their cattery who have given me and my family so much love and joy.

I know that most people are not in the capacity to help every charitable organization that they come across which is perfectly understandable but please I appeal to anyone that is in any way able to help whether its 20 rand or 100 rand every little bit helps they are the most amazing people and I know it must be breaking their hearts the thought that they may not have a place to go in the future.

This is my appeal to all my friends and loved ones please spread to the word go to their Facebook page or official website and support them even if you can open your arms and homes to an animal in need of a home.

Please help them make a difference to these animals’ lives it may not seem like much but in the long run it helps so much
With regards to these causes in particular I encourage and appeal to all my friends and family make the time to contribute to organizations that supports and help these groups even if all you can give is your time go to an old age home and spend some time with these amazing people read to them talk to them take them flowers, so many elderly people are abandoned by their families and loved ones in homes left to live the remainder of their lives alone and forgotten by the families they supported all their lives, for the babies and children donate old toys and clothing, go spend time with children who are affected by aids abandoned by their families for a fault that is not their own, an organization that I personally support is called CUDDLES & PUDDLES they work to help both people and animals who are victims of circumstance or neglect and they have helped so many.

Lately there has been a cancer campaign doing the rounds on Facebook with this no makeup selfie, the pink drive is another amazing cause but what bothers me it that people seem to be missing the point they do the selfie and don’t donate, please everyone these worthy organizations need help, I encourage everyone who reads this article to please take the time to read up on these organizations and contribute in whatever capacity you can even if it just involves spreading the word.

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