Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Give A Meaningful Gift this Holiday Season with TOMS

TOMS was born of a belief in a better tomorrow. Since 2006, the TOMS community has been providing shoes, sight, and safe water to millions of people around the world.

Now, in addition to our One for One programs, we are partnering with change makers and organizations who are striving for progress—by creating, by inspiring, by doing. Because it’s bigger than shoes. It’s what we do in them.

With every TOMS purchase, you stand with us on issues that matter.

Since its inception, TOMS has given over 93, 000, 000 pairs of shoes, over 770, 000 sight restorations, over 720, 000 weeks of safe water to deserving communities and over
$6,5 million in impact grants.

Supporting a business rooted in giving can be the greatest gift you give to yourself, and others this festive season. Visit www.shoptoms.co.za to view the Spring/Summer ’19 range and shop.

Giving back:

The holiday season is generally acknowledged as a time to give. There's an array of worthy causes that one can give to or volunteer time to, however not many of them allow you to spoil yourself while you give. Giving feels good, and if you can give to yourself while contributing to a worthy cause, why not go for it?

Here’s a list of simple ways to give meaningfully this festive season:

·         Spend money on others

It is often said that spending money on others makes people happy. Give presents to
people who matter to you. Even the smallest gift can put a smile on someone’s face.

·         Give time

Giving time can mean anything from volunteering at a local hospice to spending time with loved ones. In today's busy world, very few people have a chance to spend time with family and friends and be present in that moment. Visit an old friend or spend the day with relatives.

·         Be kind

Everyone has challenges, many hidden from sight. Giving the gift of kindness can be the greatest gift you give someone. Lead with compassion this festive season and create a habit of performing random acts of kindness.

·         Support brands that give back

"Giving makes people happier, more fulfilled and gives purpose and meaning to life. More and more businesses are shifting from being only profit-focused to being people- focused. Giving back has always been at the core of TOMS values," says Moosa Mayet, Managing Director of TOMS South Africa.

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