Tuesday, 1 October 2019

A new journey....

I've taken a step back over the last month or so, we recently received some devastating news with regards to my eldest son and it has been a roller coaster of a fortnight trying to navigate a way forward; a lot of things have come into perspective for me personally and I find myself more than ever grappling with the need to do more, to be a voice for other parents, families and children facing the same road we are, I feel there is not enough said, not enough support and resources and so many people out there need to know that they are not alone, so a new blog that will run alongside although focusing specifically on our journey with my eldest is in the works as well as something else, if I can help even one person realize that they are not alone then I will have done what my heart has set out to do!

So here it is the start of a new journey, the title of the blog may seem intense and I encourage you to follow us along our journey if you want to educate yourself on just what we are dealing with and how far our family has come and what we have had to deal with up until this point, there is a long journey ahead of us but we are finally getting the answers we have so desperately fought for, we are not the only family going through this and we will not be the last but we will not lie down and give up, please help me be apart of the solution spreading awareness and raising the call to demand better mental health therapy access, support and guidance. Become an advocate for change! I know it is still early days so please forgive the basic look of the blog and the lack of content at this stage I am putting this time in around my working schedule and trying to navigate the point of our journey we have reached, but I know in my heart that this is what I am meant to do, I am tired of feeling ashamed and scared to share our story as I am sure many families are!

I will continue to post on this space but this space will center around our general family life, sponsored posts and such whilst the other blog will be related specifically to our journey with my eldest and our call for change and support in the mental health community.

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