Monday, 15 July 2019

My life isn’t INSTA-perfect…

I would really love to say that my life… our life; is as perfect as an Instagram post filtered to perfection, not a blurry edge or a misplaced item in sight…. Hell I would love to say that my actual Instagram even contains pictures that are vaguely perfect, but I am one helluva lazy photographer and getting my kiddos to stand still when I cannot even stand still for 5 minutes, who has the time I ask you?

Every day I browse through so many wonderful images, smoothie bowls and Disneyland trips, social events and morning faces that look like model snap shots but with time… and age, I have realised that besides the fact that I am just never going to be that mum, I have nothing to prove, I do not need to please someone else and I do not need to convince anyone that I love my life; each and every chaotic piece of it.

Sure I’ve lost a fair amount of my sanity along the way, but that’s ok… I’m ok… I’m ok with that.
In fact I am more than ok.

It has taken time… I have fallen over my own feet and been fooled into trusting people that never had mine or my families well beings at heart and yet at the same time I have met people, wondrous amazing people who have pulled us up and helped us forward, who have been supportive and encouraging, loving and selfless- showing me that my life our life does not need to be picture perfect and it sure as anything doesn’t matter if anyone else thinks it is or isn’t.

As a society it appears from my end that everything has come to revolve around that perfect image those carefully placed snapshots, keeping up appearances for people you hardly know and in many cases may have no respect or liking for, the filters… the pretence, media influences who paint this picture of a cookie cutter world that has little place in reality and sets the younger generation up for a fall.

As a child I loved to take photos and I have an entire album full of poorly taken blurred images of random things, random moments, imperfection at its best… but that is what makes them so absolutely perfect.

My life is that perfect perfection and I love it, I love the people in my life whose crazy matches mine, I love my kids whose life mission is to remove strands of what is left of my sanity one strand at a time, I love my husband who is probably the only partner I have ever had who has seen all my crazy… the entire hot mess that is me and he remains by my side.

My life isn’t INSTA- perfect, we will never be those people…. And I’m ok with that=)

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