Monday, 10 June 2019

Thank you

I don’t carry many memories from my childhood and for the most part those that I do are triggered more by smells and sounds than anything else, there are certain smells and sounds that just make me think of my mom still today I can be walking down the street, I catch a wiff of unforgettable or red door and all I can think of is my mom, and I remember as a child looking at my mom and thinking wow she is the most beautiful woman I will ever know.

I hit my teens and everything fell apart, I fell pregnant at 18 and then again at 21, I got married and divorced and developed a turbulent relationship with my mom that seethed with regret and misunderstood path choices and decisions, we were so incredibly different in so many ways and yet as I sit here today I am so incredibly grateful.

My mom taught me to be a strong independent woman, she taught me to hold my own to work hard, to stand up for what I believe in, she brought me strength through so many situations and there have been so many occasions with Loghan in particular where she has turned to me and said I don’t know how you do it and my answer to that would be you taught me to persevere to be strong even if there are times and days where I just feel like I cannot anymore I think of our relationship and what we have been through and I know we will see a way through because that’s what you taught me to do and I thank you for that.

I love you mom, thank you for every moment we share; the hard ones filled with difficult decisions or tears as well those filled with smiles and laughter, each one as important as the next each one has helped me become who I am today and I thank you for it.

Happy Birthday mom xxxxx

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