Monday, 4 February 2019

It's all about the money honey

Social media and technology in today's modern age can be an incredible blessing in many ways however sometimes the manner in which people take advantage just peeves me off to say the least.

There is a moms group on Facebook which I have followed for quite sometime- we are talking a good number of years.  Many times in the early years it was a great way to reach out to other moms gain friends and sound advice with a good ol debate of opinion, it was also a great space for me to share a blog post every now and then, truth be told I am quite lax when it comes to sharing my posts but it was nice to have the option and was incredibly encouraging, I even got a badge to post on my badge which in essence gave the group free advertising.

Now I am going to be very clear here, I do not make money off of my blog, I have done a paid post once and had a terrible experience with non- payment, I do not do this to make money, I am quite happy to promote a product and/or service if I feel that it is a good product and/or service, I will not promote something I would not back on an ordinary day; make use of myself etc and if a company offers to send me something I will happily accept it in leui of payment if you want to look at it that way but I will provide and honest review and I am very upfront about that, there have been a few times where I have released a not so great review on a product but for the most part I generally only accept products from brands I already trust and have a relationship with or have researched extensively which removes the bulk of bad experiences I would have had if I just accepted everything just because.

Again I DO NOT get paid to do this, I enjoy doing this and am not the most reliable when it comes to a fixed posting schedule etc so for me I would rather do what I want to, feel free to speak my mind without worry over payment or pleasing a sponsor etc, I have worked with and continue to work with some incredible brands and people who I will continue to promote for free because I support their brand however it grates me... SEVERELY grates me when what is essentially a moms support group and network turns it into a money game and starts charging you to promote your business and/ or product; this morning I wanted to share my blog post which involved a giveaway... a giveaway I am not getting paid for I am literally giving something away and there is no like my page in order to enter etc, I was offered a set of tickets and because I cannot attend asked the company if I could rather give those away, I was graciously offered a second set, I am not getting paid there is nothing in it for me but when I attempted to share the post on the site I was told I had infringed on the rules for promotion of a product/ service etc without payment of a subscription in order to do so.... like really.

Yeh I am sorry but that is a bloody slap in the face for someone who has given you free advertising for the last 5/6 years and for all the local moms out there who are struggling to get their businesses off the ground and could really use that advertising, now I understand no one wants a page flooded with adds but really its just a bloody cheek in my opinion- not all moms or new businesses can afford to advertise or pay for for advertising and they have great products that should be out there and freely available and promoted however if you can pay and your product is half arsed it doesn't matter because you have paid and I have seen it on this particular page and others the business is so called approved but people end up complaining or they end up with an issue which shouldn't happen if the businesses are correctly assessed but again its not about that it becomes a money thing, this page in essence runs itself yes there are admins as per most pages but does that mean you should be able to charge people for putting information out on a page, you are not even doing or helping the promotion of or the advertising you are simply charging a person and allowing them to promote and advertise on their own behalf.

It just rubbed me the wrong way completely and it's not just me I have seen complaints on similar issues on this page and others before, I just don't get it really.

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