Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Bah humbug

Gather round dear children whilst I tell you the tale and regale you with the endless list and reasoning behind my Christmas time disdain.

Where to begin the list is too long... the tourists, the carols, the commercial chaos that has us all tied in knots- young Suzie wants this and young John wants that both are completely out of your budget but you do your best because the thought of the joy spreading across their faces warms your parental heart like warm cocoa on a cold day, the day arrives the gifts are opened the glee and happiness seems to make everything worthwhile- the chaotic shopping trips, the tears of frustration all worth it until alas several days later you happen upon that new toy in a corner whilst your child proceeds to make a fort out of the box that it came in...

Yes I am a classic scrooge....

I just don't get it, the shops are crazy, there are tourists everywhere, the roads are chaos and you cannot take your children out for fear that they are snatched or trampled by someone trying to get to that last frikken sponge for Christmas trifle on the shelf. Prices escalate and pretty catalogues showing gleeful children's faces are displayed everywhere, parents are forced to bribe their children onto the nice list in order to gain their last bit of sanity during this all.

You get happy clappy Christmas people who count down the days and dress the tree a month in advance the ones who Pinterest handmade wrapping ideas and whose homes always smell like Christmas cookies and some sort of roasted meat.... yeh I am not one of those people.

I try believe me I try, I bake the cookies I dress the tree (poor tree), I try to plan out our days with activities and family fun but if I hear another Micheal Buble' song I just might scream and its not even December 1st yet....

Give me a bottle of wine and a cottage getaway in the middle of no where with my family and I will be one happy momma away from the chaos and all the people.

You know the line that goes its the most wonderful time of the year... well this is my version

*Ah Grumpy cat you resonate with my soul*

Am I the only bah humbug orientated person out there come one it cant be true I cannot be the only one who only does it for their kids sakes... can I?

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