Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Secretary’s Day

It is Secretary’s today and yes you are forgiven if you didn’t know that because I didn’t =)

To be honest it has always been a somewhat outdated concept to me but it got me thinking about a time where the title of secretary or typist was really the only job option available to woman.

At a time where woman in the workplace was still very alien, where typewriters killed your fingers and you were expected to do everything for your boss from purchasing his wife’s birthday gift to scheduling his appointments and family holidays, a time where you earned a mere pittance and were expected to always keep a smile on your face and a spring in your step in 9 immaculate dress…

Ok maybe not everything has changed but I look around and I cannot even fathom the concept, so many great woman who have achieved so many things in such vast fields everything from science to art, fashion and the transportation or architectural fields, having said this I am a receptionist so please don’t get me wrong in thinking that I feel it is a froo froo working position, there are many days where I love my job, given there are plenty of days where I don’t but having worked in the field for a good number of years I understand just how much of yourself you can put into it on a daily basis and how on the best of days you can be expected to branch into the fields of others as many people in other positions are expected to do the same.

So today I want to toast all of the people who are feeling a bit underappreciated in their positions, all of the men and woman who are working in fields or have achieved in fields that originally may not have been open to them due to sex, sexual orientation, race, culture or social ‘class’, to those who wear a smile even though they may not be in the working field they dreamed of but need to due to family responsibility or job availability, happy happy to you because I can

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