Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Snuggly Rascals Giveaway Competition Winner

Good Morning to you all on this frosty winter morning.

So last week I announced that I had paired up with 4AKid in order to giveaway a pair of the most amazing kiddies headphones EVER; Snuggly Rascals.

If you missed it;

Snuggly Rascals headphones are the new ultra-coolultra fun and ultra soft character headphones available for kids.

They come in a range of fun characters and are super soft and comfortable, the rounded and disc like headphones can be easily inserted and removed from the headband for washing purposes and the headband secures safely  with a Velcro patch.

So my middle monkey helped me draw a random name last night and I managed to capture this on video, but the video would not upload grrrrrr, so I tried to be all technical and uploaded to my google drive thinking I would be able to download and share the video from there.... eh epic fail but I did mange to create a share link for the Video, so please go have a watch if you can, please excuse my irritation in the video; we were all tired, I could only find good lighting in my garage and this was probably the 4th go at starting the draw because all 3 of my monkeys kept on being... well monkeys.

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