Thursday, 31 May 2018

Fathers day gifting....

So Fathers day is around the corner guys and I am so not prepared.

I have to be honest we are not big on celebrating holidays valentines, mothers and fathers day... not really our thing although we do acknowledge it with breakfast in bed and maybe a small gift we don't often go out of our way to buy something huge to mark the occasion.

*To be honest don't tell hubby I said this because I will never admit it but I am an epic failure of catastrophic proportions when it comes to gift ideas for him, I can never think of anything, my hubby is quite uhm... full of nonsense... ok maybe not that bad but I hate just buying something for the sake of it so I often hit a brick wall on this subject.

There are also just so many ideas out there but nothing original or different if you get my drift and I personally feel that a gift should be both useful and something the other person is going to derive a lot of joy and/or use there from.

Now my hubby is a bit (ok alot) of a nerd and a geek so he loves new gadgets and tickets, books and games and of course anything attractive to carry them around in is an added bonus, now when it comes to a lap top bag I honestly cannot fault him, I carry a lot in my bag but its nothing compared to the weight of his bag and if the bag is of poor quality and uncomfortable you are just going to run the risk of damaged goods and a bad back, which nobody wants; so when I received information about the new Lexington laptop bag from SOLO I just knew I had to share this one, because sharing is caring guys and we could all use a helping hand when it comes to gift ideas sometimes.

Right off the bat I think this is an incredibly sleek and simple design, this Laptop bag is Inspired by New York’s Exclusive Neighborhood and features a sleek style with a fully padded 15.6" laptop compartment with lockable zippers. 

This bag also includes:

An internal iPad/ tablet pocket. 
Front zippered pockets with organizer sections and key clip that is very handy 
A discrete business lining 
2 zippered pockets on each side
A padded back and back straps for added comfort.

Whether he is a computer engineer, a sportsman or just a man that likes to live life on his own terms, he is probably carrying around more than just his laptop, or rather, the laptop is just the tip of the iceberg as he usually carries phones, tools and other pieces of equipment. If this is the case, he needs a good bag to carry all he needs with him, so for father’s day, a good carry-it-all bag would be the perfect gift.

While there are many laptop bags out there, finding THE laptop bag that works for him will take some researching as there are many features that you would need to take into consideration.

So lets look at what makes a laptop bag THE laptop bag.

The right Laptop bag had to be lightweight
Sometimes he might be carrying around his whole life with him, which would make the bag a lot heavier, he needs a lightweight Laptop bag that is also of good quality to withstand heavy use, and sometimes abuse he puts his bags through.

The right laptop bag had to have lots of storage space
Because he needs to be able to get all his tools organized and have easy access to them, having different pockets for the tools and instruments was a must, not only to keep him organized, but also to help him save time by easily reaching all he needs at any given time.

The right laptop bag had to be stylish
Because image is important, his laptop bag has to look nice as it would be part of his attire in a way… Sometimes finding a bag that is functional and good looking might be a challenge.
Last but not least, it has another very handy feature: the back panel slides over luggage handles which is great if he has a wheeled bag while traveling.
So I am impressed guys, I think this would make a really lovely and very useful gift for any man or woman who needs to lug stuff around and prefers something that's not only good looking but has added uses and features and in the case of a woman doesn't look like a purse or has more space than a purse or handbag would offer.
The Solo range is available from Incredible Connection, Takealot and

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