Thursday, 12 April 2018

Month two with SmartToyClub

This past month we received our second delivery from the Smart Toy Club, if you missed that post you can go on over and have a read here.

Basically to recap The Smart Toy Club is a monthly rental subscription service aimed at children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years.

Every month the company will send you a bag of selected age appropriate toys which you will get to keep for 4 weeks, at the end of those 4 weeks you get to exchange your bag for a whole new bag of toys which allows your child to access new toys on a fairly frequent basis for an affordable cost, we all know how expensive good quality toys can be and personally right?!

Each bag contains on average R700 worth of toys and you can expect between 4 and 6 toys in each bag.  If you collect the monthly costs comes in at R249/month and if they deliver to you within the western cape the cost will be R299/month.

This month we received;

The Fisher Price Learn with Lights Piano (valued at R500
The WOW Recycling Rubbish Truck (valued at R350)
The 3 little piggies smart Puzzle (Valued at R550)

This months selection was somewhat of a hit and miss in keeping Jesse attracted to the toys, personally my favorite item and Jesse's as well was the 3 Little Piggies Smart Puzzle which allows the child to copy the diagrams in the accompanied booklet based on the setup of the 3 little pigs their homes and the wolf. This Puzzle kept him entertained for a good while over the 4 weeks which we had the toys.

Image result for 3 Little Piggies smart puzzle

The recycling truck was a hit for a day or two and I don't think it was necessarily that it wasn't age appropriate, Gabriel loved this toy when he saw it and probably would have happily played with it all day and he is 8, Jesse is a bit of a fuss pot and does tend to tire easily if the toy isn't one that he can puzzle out, so unfortunately in our case this wasn't the best choice for him.

Image result for The WOW Recycling Rubbish Truck

The Piano was a bit of a miss although Jesse liked the lights and sounds I don't feel it was very age appropriate as he is over 4, I feel the toy was aimed at the younger toddler age group but he did play with it for a while.

All in all this months selection was not as great as last months but we have already received our final months selection and Jesse's eyes absolutely lit up when he opened that bag and he spent the better part of last night playing with the toys so I think this was just an off month for him personally.

If you would like to find out more you can hop on over to their website here, I know many moms today are trying to minimize waste and accumulated clutter, I think this is a great way of doing that whilst still ensuring your child has a great selection of educational items that they don't just tire of and you end up having to toss them or give them away, at the same time it is way more affordable than having to purchase the items new especially if you are on a tight family budget or just aren't sure of whether your child will like a certain toy or not.

A great big thank you to Lyneve from The SmartToyClub once again for allowing us to try out the service, just as an added extra their customer service is outstanding and their response time is excellent!  You are a star and I think this overall concept is great!

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